• Motorola FLIPOUT
    Last Updated: Nov 16th,2010

    Launched with a massive choice of 7 interchangeable colors to choose from, the Motorola Flipout is aimed at the young, social networking crowd and features a unique form factor coupled with mid-ranged specs at a manageable price. The MotoBlur handset is compact yet still features a five-row QWERTY keyboard that "flips" out -- this isn't your traditional clamshell or slider.

    The phone hosts a 2.8-inch QVGA display with multi-touch support and a 3MP camera. Customizable UI elements make the phone a messaging power house with deep social networking capabilities.

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    Motorola Confirms CLIQ XT, Adds Flipout, Charm, i1 to List of Devices Not Receiving Android Updates

    Hate to be all bad news bears this morning, but the Cliq XT won’t be the only device from Motorola’s lineup not receiving an Android update. Their Android Software Upgrade list has been updated accordingly. I suppose the good news is that the Motorola Flipout, Charm, and i1 will be stuck at Android 2.1 as […]

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    Motorola FlipOut Arriving in Stores, On Sale this Sunday

    AT&T officially announced the Motorola FlipOut last week and we got our very own hands-on with the device at CTIA, but specific details as to when it would hit shelves weren’t exactly known. But now it appears that the device is beginning to fill out the stock at AT&T and will almost assuredly go on […]

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    Motorola FlipOut for AT&T – First Impressions

    We just got back from demoing an onslaught of Android-based handsets from Motorola and there was one in particular I really wanted to get my hands on. The Motorola FlipOut might not be the most exciting device for people like you and myself who appreciate a good combination of braun and beauty, but Motorola’s not […]

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    Motorola Announces 7 Android Phones: Bravo, Citrus, Defy, Droid Pro, Flipout, Flipside, Spice

    You don’t exactly have to hold on to your high-end hats, but maybe you should be blown away by Motorola’s pre-CTIA announcement of 7 Android Phones and 3 Blue Tooth Accessories. You won’t be blown away because these are all spec smashing phones that YOU would want, but they’re phones that teenagers, women, and first […]

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    Motorola Drops Off the BRAVO, FLIPSIDE, and FLIPOUT at AT&T

    Ah, there you are little Motorola Flipout. And you brought along two friends! How nice. The phone that we almost left for dead has touched down at AT&T and it isn’t alone. Perhaps this was the reason for the delay? The two flanking Android handsets are the Motorola Bravo and Motorola Flipside, all carrying specs […]

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    You Won’t Find AT&T’s Motorola FlipOut In Stores (Yet), but You Can Find it on eBay

    Is the Motorola FlipOut coming to AT&T? At first we thought it was scrapped at the last minute, but then we heard otherwise. Now we at least have a an answer to the question of whether or not the phones actually ever existed as a full-on double rainbow AT&T branded version of the device has […]

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    Orange UK Now Offering the Motorola FlipOut in the UK Exclusively

    The Motorola FlipOut is now available on Orange as it enjoys a quiet launch on the carrier. The phone was spotted in an ad professing over 70,000 Android apps and lets everyone know that it’s available “only on Orange.” If this was something you wanted to get on a contract in the UK, then you’ll […]

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    Motorola FlipOut for AT&T not Scrapped After All?

    After a swing and a miss on a rumored launch date, Motorola’s stepped in to clarify the FlipOut situation: that rumored date was exactly that — rumored. They reiterate that the FlipOut is still on track to head on over to the United States before the holiday seasons, but they don’t specify with whom. It […]

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    Did AT&T Cancel the FlipOut at the Last Minute?

    Last Friday we reported on the sudden news that the Motorola FlipOut would be debuting over the weekend, but equally as sudden signs are pointing to the last minute demise of the handset. Word is corporate -owned retail stores were given the orders to simply destroy the relative literature that had been shipped out as […]

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    Motorola FlipOut Coming to AT&T this Weekend?

    Motorola’s small and quirky FlipOut has been absent from North America and little buzz has popped up since we first caught wind that it would be landing on AT&T, but a new leaked set of details pertaining to upcoming releases on the carrier has the phone pegged for launch this Sunday, September 19th. Will it […]