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[Update: DROID 3 owners, too] Motorola DROID X2 receiving firmware OTA 1.3.418?

[Update]: the OTA is, in fact, only going out to those who signed up for the soak test. A soak test is also going out to DROID 3 users. Neither, as you might imagine, is Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re in Motorola’s test program and you have either of these devices unrooted, be sure to […]

DROID X2 Over-The-Air Update Being Pushed Out – Brings Bug Fixes And Google Security Patch

Motorola DROID X2 users should be expecting a 35MB over-the-air update hitting their device in the coming days. Software version 1.3.418.MB870 is being pushed out and will bring the usual set of bug fixes, a little added bloatware and some kind of “Google security patch.” If you’ve been holding out, waiting for Android 4.0, it’s […]

Motorola DROID X2 Soak Test to Begin Soon

The Motorola DROID X2 is the latest device in a round of soak tests ad OTAs going out for Motorola phones on Verizon. Of course, we never know what these soak tests may bring before official information is released but we can probably rule Ice Cream Sandwich out. If history is anything to go by, […]

Verizon Wireless Sale: Droid 3, X2, Incredible 2 And Charge Only $10 – Rhyme Free

Verizon Wireless is having a few sales over on their site for the next couple of days. In what could be seen as an attempt to clear out their existing stock of their 3G smartphones, the Motorola DROID 3, Motorola DROID X2, HTC Droid Incredible 2 and Samsung DROID Charge are all being offered up […]

Motorola DROID X2 Maintenance Update Now Available OTA

It seems Motorola has begun pushing out the latest update for the Motorola DROID X2. The maintenance upgrade brings with it a nice, long list of improvements, enhancements and fixes. Highlights include the keyboard being visible when typing (LOL), improved video quality recording and playback and more. Check out the full list in the image […]

Motorola Droid X2 Android 2.3.4 Soak Test Rolling Out Now

The initial soak test of the Android 2.3.4 update for the Motorola DROID X2 has started, just as we expected it would after Verizon updated their support page with the new firmware version’s changelog. For members of the Motorola Feedback Network who signed up for the test, the update should be making its way to […]

Droid X2 Support Page Updated with Documentation for Android 2.3.4 Update

The leaked Android 2.3.4 build for the Motorola DROID X2 looks to be getting official any day now as Verizon has updated their support page with documentation for firmware version 1.3.380.MB870. Motorola recently got in touch with members of their feedback network in regards to a soak test for the upcoming update, and the appearance […]

Leaked SBF Suggests Upcoming Droid X2 Soak Test is Android 2.3.4

A somewhat mysterious soak test was announced for the Motorola DROID X2 last week, but little was known about what update to expect next for the Verizon smartphone. Thanks to a leaked SBF file, we are learning that we will likely see Android 2.3.4 as the next official update to the handset. Other than the […]

DROID X2 SBF for Gingerbread Build Now Available

If you’ve been having second thoughts about tinkering with your DROID X2 post-Gingerbread, throw them away – your safety net has arrived. The update’s SBF file has been provided by the gracious members of the XDA community, meaning you might be able to recover from just about any bad software-related issue when running into any […]

Verizon Support Says DROID X2 Gingerbread Update Out Today, Being Rolled Out in Stages

Our friends manning the @VZWSupport Twitter account are back with more (seemingly reliable, this time) information. It’s regarding the DROID X2 Gingerbread’s update. They’ve confirmed that rollouts are beginning in stages over the air today. Go on, I know you want to check that update menu. It would step folks up to Android 2.3 and […]

Droid X2 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Now

The PDF hitting Verizon’s support page last night was a good sign for owners of the Motorola DROID X2. The very Gingerbread update detailed therein is now live and headed out to handsets, bringing the dual-core X2 up to speed with its single-core predecessor in terms of software build. The update brings everything you’d expect […]

Verizon Shows Off DROID X2 Gingerbread PDF’s – Gingerbread Update Around the Corner?

It’s always fun when I hear of yet another device receiving an Android firmware update and this time we have the Motorola DROID X2. Apparently, everything must have checked out with the “soak test” going on a few weeks ago because Verizon has (update: announced the PDF) on their support page which would lead anyone […]

DROID X2 Gets 2nd-Init – Custom ROMs Should Be on Their Way

The Motorola DROID X2 has finally gotten the same 2nd init support that its older, weaker brother has, which means custom ROMs could be on their way. If you don’t remember, this same breakthrough for the DROID X allowed folks to booth CyanogenMod, a truly custom ROM, onto the device without needing to have a […]

Motorola Droid X2 Gets its First Custom ROM

The first ever custom ROM for the Motorola DROID X2 has been made available in beta form today. The milestone should mark the opening of the homebrewed software floodgates for the dual-core handset from Verizon. The new ROM is coated in a slick, black gloss and features plenty of under-the-hood enhancements, though there is still […]

New Droid X2 Soak Test Starting Soon, Could it Be Gingerbread?

One of our faithful readers has just sent word that Motorola has begun inviting Droid X2 owners to participate in a soak test for an upcoming update for the handset. The details of the update weren’t made available, but unless Moto has a slew of bug fixes headed our way logic tells us it very […]