Motorola DROID 3

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Motorola DROID 3 Overview

Verizon Wireless will continue their fabled DROID line with the third-coming of their original Android Phone: the Motorola Droid. The Motorola DROID 3 will see some of the biggest changes to the series since its inception, with a dual-core processor, enlarged screen and resolution moving to 4.0-inches and qHD, and a five-row QWERTY keyboard. Both the Droid and Droid 2 featured 3.7-inch displays and four-row slide-out keyboards. 

The DROID 3's keyboard looks noticably better and more improved than its counterparts, likely helped along by the 4 inch display. Though the handset does lack 4G LTE support, it is chock full of next-gen features that will please Android fans looking for a physical keyboard. The Motorola DROID 3 is a device deserving of its name and the expected awesomeness that goes along with it. It's now available from Verizon, debuting for $199.99.