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Motorola Updates Android Software Upgrades Chart

Motorola has once again revised their software upgrade chart to reflect the latest timeline for their Android devices to receive their respective updates. Most notably the Motorola Quench has been deemed unfit for an upgrade after a previous iteration of the chart said its Android 2.1 update was “under evaluation” as well as the international […]

Motorola’s Android 2.1 Upgrade Timeline Gets An Update

Over the weekend, it appears that Motorola has updated their chart outlining upgrades for several of their Android-based phones. Most phones are still only planned to be receiving Android 2.1 (Motorola Droid’s rollout has finished, while the Milestone is still currently being rolled out in stages for other international markets). For the Motorola Backflip, they’re […]

Motorola DEXT Launches For Bell Today

Looks like Bell was a bit quiet on this launch. IntoMobile is reporting that Canadian carrier Bell has launched the Motorola DEXT (see: Motorola CLIQ) today and that it’s available to order right now. It seems this is the second of 3 MOTOBLUR-enabled phones to see Canadian launches (with the first being the Motorola Backflip […]

Indian Androids Incoming: Milestone, X10, Dext, Backflip

The Indian market is about to swallow up some Android opportunity, with the Motorola Milestone coming March 22nd and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 launching in the next week as well. And it won’t stop there – the Motorola Backflip and Motorola Dext are both expected to reach India by June. Both the Milestone and […]

Motorola Gives BLUR To Canadians [PRESS RELEASE]

Motorola just published a “triple play” press release of sorts, announcing Motorola BLUR on 3 handsets (Backflip, DEXT, QUENCH) to be available on all three major Canadian carriers (Rogers, Bell, TELUS). So I guess that would make it a double triple-play? We already know pretty much everything about each of these handsets and we’re all […]

Motorola CLIQ Reviews Rolling In

A bunch of sites are starting to post their Motorola CLIQ reviews and we wanted to share the general consensus with you folks. We would share our own complete review but – (frownie face) – we haven’t gotten anything yet. So in lieu of our own extremely awesome review on the web, here is what […]

Motorola DEXT Available From Orange UK October 7th

While we knew that the DEXT was going to be free on Orange UK come its release, up until now we haven’t had a release date to look forward to. Well, apparently we should all be expecting it tomorrow, October 7th. So for those living in the UK and attracted to Motorola’s first attempt at […]

Motorola DEXT: Free On Orange UK

The price of the Motorola DEXT for Orange UK has been announced… and their is none. As in it is FREE if you do two little things: (1) Sign a 2-year contract, and (2) Contract is £34.26+/month. This pricing is a cold hard fact as the pricing was announced by Orange themselves. Actually forget cold […]

Motorola DEXT Hits Orange UK in Early October

American’s know the first Motorola Android Phone as the Motorola CLIQ but for everyone else the device is called the Motorola DEXT. Neither device had a release date identified beyond the general “4th quarter” timeframe, but now if you check out the Motorola DEXT page on (bottom right) we get more details: There you […]

Motorola CLIQ Review: In Depth First Impression

The speculation is over. Today Motorola announced their first Android Phone, the Motorola CLIQ, running their custom version of Android called Motorola BLUR. After spending some time with the device we have both praise and criticism – which we’ll discuss in depth below – but first we should acknowledge the bigger picture. Congratulations to Motorola! […]

Motorola CLIQ Demo and Simulator!

These people work FAST! In addition to all the other Motorola CLIQ/BLUR information that has been pleasurably monsooning upon us comes a full video intro, product demo and CLIQ simulator directly from T-Mobile. First visit this link and then click on MOTOBLUR Demo on the right: Alternatively you can open up the link directly, but […]

Motorola CLIQ: Specs & Details Galore!

So you followed our Live Blog, checked out our Motorola Cliq Pictures and Videos but you really, really want to know all the freaking DETAILS! We obey your command. First of all we want to point out that Motorola’s quick-working marketing team already has an entire CLIQ mini-site up and running that gives you tons […]

Motorola Cliq Pictures, Videos & Blur!

So we just finished up our Live Blog of the Motorola Cliq announcement. Now you’ve got the information but how about some multimedia goodies? I snapped some pics and grabbed some video that I think you’ll enjoy: Motorola Cliq Announcement: Motorola Blur Promo Video: Fireside Chat with Head Android Andy Rubin, T-Mobile exec Cole Brodeman […]

LIVE BLOG: Motorola Android Event at Mobilize 2009!

REFRESH FOR UPDATES – NEWEST STUFF AT TOP! 11:18 – Alright kids. Live blog over. Time to get up some more info in post form! 11:07 They just asked Andy Rubin what was invented first, the iPhone or Android. He dodged the questions brilliantly and Om Malik called him out. 10:53 – Here comes head […]