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Motorola DEFY Reviews

"The Motorola Defy is the perfect phone for the young adventure type. This isn’t your father’s rugged waterproof phone, big and covered in rubber and steel plate. This phone is sleek and attractive and light, but still tough enough to withstand an occasional dunk or being dropped on the trail."
"The DEFY isn't the most spectacular device to come to T-Mobile, but it certainly has its benefits. It can withstand more than your average phone can whether it's being dropped, thrown into water, or covered with dust. It's small but still packs a decent sized display, has great battery life, and has a rather fresh design."
"The Motorola Defy is a great midtier Android smartphone, especially for those who need a phone to be a little more protected against life's everyday mishaps."
"...when you look at the competition, there really isn't any other Android phone out there than can live to tell the tale after being exposed and drenched in water. Indeed, it's able to defy the odds!"
"If you're looking for an Android OS phone that is a little smaller than some of the giant-screened monsters that have been popular lately, and want something that you can use and enjoy without having to worry about whatever life brings your way, check out the Motorola Defy. It's an excellent little phone that can keep up with all of your daily adventures."
"...the fact that we kept forgetting this is a genuinely rugged phone while using it really speaks to Motorola's efforts to keep mass market appeal in mind as they designed it."
"Overall the Motorola Defy is an impressive and likeable handset. Some of the Motorola Blur elements get a little lost, so we quickly found ourselves adding additional applications to serve up a more conventional social networking platter. But we do like the design and think there is a certain something about the Defy that does make it distinctive."
"It is hard not to like the Motorola Defy, but not necessarily for the reasons Motorola wants us to. MotoBlur's good, and we like the Twitter and Facebook integration, and we're happy to be able to bring contacts in from these – and other – sources."
"If you want to be governed by a small device with a 5-megapixel camera, Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR, and tough body design, then the Motorola Defy is the phone for you. At just $100 for a two-year T-Mobile contract, the Defy certainly is one of the better choices out there. Not only does it flaunt the rugged construction, but it offers more than enough in the way of social networking. There's plenty of activity to be had, along with plenty of evil looks to go along with your incessant phone public displays of affection. If you want to know what all of your friends are up to at every second, then the Motorola Defy is about as good as you can get."
"For those who are hard on their phones, the $99 Motorola Defy is quite the bargain. It can survive much more abuse than your typical Android device and delivers a good set of features, including Wi-Fi calling. Yes, you can pick up the LG Optimus T running Android 2.2 for free, and higher-end phones such as the $199 myTouch 4G offer faster data speeds and perks including a front-facing camera and mobile hotspot app. But the Defy is an Android phone that is almost guaranteed to last the length of that two-year contract."