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Motorola Defy+ Makes and Appearance on O2 Germany’s Site

Earlier today we caught wind of an upgrade to the Motorola DEFY, the Motorola Defy+. Speculation so far is that the phone and its boosted 1GHz processor could end up on AT&T in the States, and it looks like at least O2 will carry the handset in Europe. EuroDroid¬†came across a listing for the phone […]

Beefed Up Motorola Defy Could Find its Way to AT&T

The rugged Motorola DEFY is getting an upgrade, but it looks like it won’t be returning to T-Mobile flashing its new internals. The 800Mhz TI OMAP 3610 CPU is said to be swapped for a 1GHz OMAP 3621 in the new model, known as the Defy+. Other than the processor switch, specs remain relatively the […]

Motorola Defy Getting 2.2 Froyo Rolls Out Soon For TMO UK

Android-loving consumers have learned all too well that promises of firmware upgrades should be taken with a grain of salt. Way back in November of 2010, T-Mobile UK promised a Froyo 2.2 upgrade to the Motorola Defy by Q2 2011. Well they may be a few days late, but it looks like T-Mobile UK will […]

Deal Alert: Motorola Defy Free Today via T-Mobile

If you are a bit of a butterfingers, a phone that can stand up to beating is just the device for you. Sadly for Android fans, few choices exist at the moment. A good option might be the Motorola DEFY, but if it doesn’t meet your standards you can still pick one up and feel […]

Canadians with a Clumsy Streak: Rugged Motorola Defy now Available at TELUS for $379

The Motorola DEFY is now available through TELUS in Canada. As a refresher, this is the Android 2.2 device with a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass display and bevy of other mid-range specs packaged in a life-resistant, military spec casing. You can score the handset for $379.99 without a contract or as low as$79.99 on a three-year […]

Motorola Defy Might be Rugged, but it’s Still Susceptible to Engineering Flaws [Broken Earpieces]

Motorola’s Defy was to be the first “life-proofed” Android handset. Having taken a spin of it for ourself to test their claims and seeing countless crazy videos displaying the toughness of this thing, we believed them. But no one ever said anything about it breaking due to problems with engineering. Loads of users – after […]

Motorola Defy Expected to Receive Android 2.2 in Q2 2011

The battle-ready Motorola DEFY has just been confirmed as a candidate for Android 2.2 (Froyo), but owners might have to wait a while to get it. Motorola has made it known that the update should be hitting Defy handsets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East sometime in Q2 of next year. Knowing Motorola’s track […]

Motorola Defy Headed for Telstra in Australia

The Motorola DEFY’s seen launches all throughout America and Europe, but looks to be headed to Australia as AusDroid reports it’ll be available on Telstra starting November 30th. Those interested can grab the Motorola Defy for Free on a two-year, $49 per month contract, or you can dish out $600 to get it with no […]

T-Mobile Announces BOGO Smartphone Deal Starting Black Friday

Beginning this Friday (Black Friday for those that are counting) T-Mobile will be offering up a buy one get one free deal on select featured and “affordable” Android smartphone. New and existing subscribers who sign up for a family plan on a two-year contract and purchase the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2, or Samsung Galaxy […]

Carphone Warehouse UK Stocking White Galaxy S, Motorola Defy

Carphone Warehouse out in the UK has began selling a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S, something I’m sure will make iPhone converts feel a bit more at home. The device will be offered for free on 30 pounds per month tariffs, and there are no surprises to really note. It still has a […]

Motorola Defy Goes Deep Sea Diving, Doesn’t Flinch

Not that we didn’t already know the Defy was waterproof (and, as Motorola likes to call it, “life proof”), but if you didn’t believe it yourself, perhaps this clip will change your mind. Vincent from Android Community took his Motorola DEFY and decided to go for a little swim in his backyard. Not only did […]

T-Mobile Launches LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy, T-Mobile Comet

It’s quite easy to overlook these three phones considering the MyTouch 4G launched on the same day, but don’t forget that the LG Optimus T, the Motorola DEFY, and the T-Mobile Comet are all available from Magenta starting today. The Comet is free on a two-year contract or $200 if you’d rather not deal with […]

Walmart has a Couple T-Mobile Deals, LG Optimus T for Just $0.97

While it may not pack the same punch as other Android handsets, I’m betting that the LG Optimus Q does a lot more than most other 97 cent purchases. Walmart has the phone at that price for new and existing T-Mobile subscribers eligible for upgrades and new two-year contracts. But as the retail giant is […]

Motorola Defy to T-Mobile November 3rd, $99.99

We’ve seen this thing launched in Germany already, but T-Mobile was hush on a date and price for themselves, up to this point. They’ve officially “tweeted” that the Motorola DEFY will be launching November 3rd for $99.99 after a two-year agreement. This phone “defies life” as it can seemingly take any and everything you could […]

Motorola Defy Lands in Germany for 350 Euros

More European launches to speak of today. This time, Motorola’s Defy – which we took a nice look at this past week at CTIA’s Fall 2010 show – will be headed for Germany. The device can be had as low as 1 euro on contract, but you can also grab it up outright for 350 […]