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Phandroid Moto CLIQ Review
After our first few hours checking out the device, check out our detailed impressions of the Motorola CLIQ!
"Do you follow more than a few hundred people on Twitter? Have more than a couple hundred Facebook friends? Have hundreds or more people filling your Gmail contacts database? If you do, and can handle a non-stop stream of information pouring into your phone from all those people, then perhaps the CLIQ is for you."
Information Week
"In sum, the Cliq is a solid effort for Motorola's first Android phone, though it could have been more refined. The hardware issues are easy to fix, as are some of the problems inherent in Motoblur. The fact that Motorola conceived Motoblur at all demonstrates that the company understands how and why people are using smarter devices to keep track of their social networks. This alone gives me hope that more good things are to come from Motorola."
"The Motorola CLIQ has stopped me dead in my tracks, and happily so. It's a great device with some unique features in a hardware design that is very functional, even if it lacks a bit of flair. In the end, the strong social networking and messaging features make the CLIQ an absolute winner, and one that will likely earn a permanent position in my own pocket. I give it a "Highly Recommended" rating."
(6 out of 10) "Finally, Android on a device not made by HTC. Responsive touchscreen is swipe-tastic. Good camera takes detailed, noise-free pics. Remote wipe and online backup service great for folks who are prone to losing their phones."
The Motorola CLIQ's MotoBlur service truly sets it apart. If you use Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter at all, there's nothing quite like the CLIQ for you. If you don't intend to use MotoBlur, what's left is a solid Android smartphone that's a little more stylish than the T-Mobile G1.
I’ve had a few days to play with the CLIQ and came away refreshed and hopeful. This phone is better than the G1 on all fronts but there is still a ways to go for it to beat out some of HTC’s upcoming Android offerings. Motorola didn’t hit it out of the ballpark on this one, but they’re still in the game.
"Simply put: if you care about text communications comfortably, the Cliq is today's best Android phone for the U.S market."
"Is this the phone that Motorola needs to bring it back into the smartphone race? It could be. They were smart enough to know that just doing another Android phone wasn't enough in itself, so they pulled together and created all this social networking glue to bind the experience together. It's cohesive enough to call the Cliq a different experience from other, similar devices like the Sprint HTC Hero, and is a pretty damn good first step in a possible Motorola comeback."
"...would we recommend the CLIQ? Against a G1, yes, if for no other reason than the fact that you're getting more internal memory and a more robust, modern, un-weird hardware design. In the bigger picture, though, we'd keep our wallets in our pockets for the time being -- the CLIQ looks and feels like a testbed, not quite ready for primetime but a genuinely heartening sign that Moto's still got a pulse."
(4 out of 5) With its excellent design, user interface improvements, and admirable feature set, the Motorola Cliq gives a big boost to the Android operating system. We had some performance quibbles with the device, and the MotoBlur interface can be a bit much, but the phone has a lot to like.
(4 out of 5) "The $199 Motorola Cliq is a top-notch Android device, and is our favorite smart phone on T-Mobile, beating out the similarly priced myTouch 3G. While the latter is lighter, the Cliq’s touch interface is more compelling. We also like the Cliq’s comfy physical keyboard, sharper camera (even though it lacks a flash), and better integration with your social networks."
"The Cliq is a good phone for people that want to stay in touch with friends and don't want to bother with switching between sites and applications but don't mind checking their phone often and scrolling through long lists of messages."
(76% - Very Good) "The Motorola CLIQ isn't as refined as other modern smartphones, notably the HTC Hero or Palm Pre, but it's the perfect phone for a real social networking fiend, and we think that's a growing audience."
(8 out of 10) "The Motorola CLIQ offers some very nice features, and we like the theory behind MOTOBLUR even if the execution still has some refining to undergo. Our biggest complaint is the concave keyboard keys and the overall chintzy feel of the phone, but these are offset with a very good display, camera and social networking integration of MOTOBLUR."
First Impressions By Engadget
This is probably the first known hands on impressions of the Motorola CLIQ and they happened over what sounds like less than a minute. Take or leave it until Phandroid gets hold of it!