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The 10 worst Android phones of all time

We thought it’d be fun to think about what the worst Android phones have been so far. My colleagues and I have had a fun time putting this list together and talking about what awarded each device’s spot in this list. Come check out some of the worst Android phones of all time!

Sorry Motorola Cliq XT, No Android 2.1 for You

In a move that doesn’t surprise us all given the state of Android OS upgrades these days, Motorola has decided to cease development on Android 2.1 for the Motorola Cliq XT. The lower-range handset will, instead, remain on good ol’ Android 1.5. I will give Cliq XT owners a minute to scream into a pillow. […]

Motorola CLIQ Eclair Upgrade Available for All

We originally heard it’d be here mid-November, and Motorola started seeking out testers late October for the update, but Motorola CLIQ users all across the country can now download the upgrade to Android 2.1 for their smartphones. You need to do it manually, however, so make sure you go to Motorola’s site to download the […]

Motorola and T-Mobile Seeking Testers for CLIQ Android 2.1 Release

Motorola and T-Mobile are looking for 2,000 CLIQ owners to beta test the much-anticipated Android 2.1 (Eclair) release for the handset. This should come as a relief to many owners clamoring for the update, and goes right along with reports that the final release will take place right around mid-November. If you want a chance […]

Motorola CLIQ Getting Android 2.1 Mid-November?

Yes, you’ve heard this one before, but bear with me: new evidence suggests T-Mobile will be pushing out the upgrade to Android 2.1 for Motorola CLIQ users soon. It’s been a long time coming, and – by now – everyone’s more concerned about Froyo than they are Eclair, but those faithful CLIQ owners with T-Mobile […]

Motorola Updates Android Software Upgrades Chart

Motorola has once again revised their software upgrade chart to reflect the latest timeline for their Android devices to receive their respective updates. Most notably the Motorola Quench has been deemed unfit for an upgrade after a previous iteration of the chart said its Android 2.1 update was “under evaluation” as well as the international […]

Trio of T-Mobile Phones Hitting End-of-Life Status Early October

It’s always a sad day when I have to report about the eventual kicking of the bucket for any Android handset. Today, TmoNews’ source says that three of T-Mobile’s Android phones will be hitting end-of-life on October 4th. The MyTouch 1.2 (the one with the 3.5mm headphone jack, more memory, etc.), the Motorola CLIQ, and […]

Motorola Updates Upgrade Timeline, The Wait Continues

Motorola – one of the better manufacturers when it comes to transparency in their upgrade plans – has once again updated their chart to reflect the latest ETA on upgrades for several of their phone. We’re still waiting for Eclair to hit the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, but it shouldn’t be a long wait now […]

[Update] Motorola Cliq’s 2.1 Update Has Been Leaked – Come an’ Get It!

[Update]: Well that sucks: the file’s already unavailable for download. I guess some of you might have to take a look into the original forum post at ModMyMobile to see if the file’s been mirrored. [Update 2]: Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Motorola Cliq users (that are savvy enough to put this information to good […]

They May Have Missed Q2, but Motorola Has Updated Their Android 2.1 Timeline: Cliq and Cliq XT “testing in process”

Either Motorola is really close to getting the anticipated Android 2.1 update out to the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, or they have just given up on naming a timeframe to avoid the metaphorical tomatoes and other assorted fruits and vegetables owners of those devices have been stockpiling to fling in their direction come the end […]

No Surprise: Development Community Gets Android 2.1 to Motorola Cliq First

As seems to be the case more often than not, if you want OS updates for your Android handset, you may be better served turning to the development community if you are the risky type that likes tinkering around with your phone. This time a band of ROM-smiths over at ModMyMobile have built up an […]

Motorola’s Android 2.1 Upgrade Timeline Gets An Update

Over the weekend, it appears that Motorola has updated their chart outlining upgrades for several of their Android-based phones. Most phones are still only planned to be receiving Android 2.1 (Motorola Droid’s rollout has finished, while the Milestone is still currently being rolled out in stages for other international markets). For the Motorola Backflip, they’re […]

Motorola CLIQ Spotted Running Android 2.1?

Ah yes, the good ol’ “About Phone” screen that we’ve all come to know and love. The reason we treat these rumors without much excitement is because we all know how easy it is to edit files in Android’s firmware to change what the “About Phone” screen says. It’s easy to fake an Android 2.1 […]

Motorola CLIQ Gets A Crucial Update

I know a lot of you Motorola CLIQ owners out there are hankering for a fix to your phone troubles: if a laggy and buggy interface wasn’t bad enough, the actual MOTOBLUR service has all but pissed off quite a few people. T-Mobile and Motorola certainly heard you and they’ve released an update late last […]

CLIQ XT Coming Wednesday, Getting BOGO Offer Immediately?

TMOtoday has published a trio of rumors today, stating that the Motorola CLIQ XT is arriving in stores, will start selling March 17th for $99, and will immediately be available as part of a Buy One Get One Free campaign at T-Mobile that they said would start today. Internal screenshot regarding price/date: Here is the […]