Motorola CLIQ XT

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Motorola CLIQ XT Videos

Biscuits and CLIQs
Motorola shares the CLIQ/QUENCH with IntoMobile sitting amongst some delicious biscuits.
PhoneScoop First-Look
Phonescoop takes their first look at the Motorola CLIQ XT at an event.
MobileBurn First Look
Michael Oryl takes a look at what he calls "a slimmed down CLIQ or DEXT" - we're still wondering why its called the XT.
MobileBurn Review
Motorola CLIQ XT is reviewed by MobileBurn in this 12-minute video.
PhoneDog Live with CLIQ XT
Hands on with Motorola's newest Android phone, the Cliq XT. Also known as the Quench, this is a touch-only device with MotoBlur. Live from MWC 2010 Barcelona.
PhoneDog Unboxing/Hands-On
Noah from phonedog unboxes the CLIQ XT and gives it a spin.
AndroidAndMe Review
Taylor from AndroidAndMe gives the CLIQ XT a pretty thorough pass through the paces.