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Motorola CLIQ XT

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Motorola CLIQ XT Overview

With a name like CLIQ XT, one would think this phone would be a larger or more heavily powered version of Motorola's first ever Android - the Motorola CLIQ. But in reality the Motorola CLIQ XT is a different beast entirely, ditching the slideout QWERTY keyboard in favor of a taller, wider, and MUCH slimmer package.

In fact, with a name like XT it's a bit surprising that its slim (.44 inches thick) and lightweight (4.4 ounces) are two of its best traits. The CLIQ XT comes with a 3.1-inch screen, touch sensitive directional pad, 5MP camera with LED Flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and overall is a solid but not overly impressive device.

The CLIQ XT does come with some added bonuses such as Swype - an onscreen software keyboard that makes typing on the smallish 3.1-inch screen a bit less tedious - and also includes Flash Lite 8.1 and multi-touch support. This comes along with Motorola's custom Android UI - Blur.

Strangely, the CLIQ XT excels for being small and struggles for the same reasons. It is a more than capable device and offers a nice balance for beginning smartphone users, but the high-gear smartphone users will be disappointed by its small display and mediocre processing power.