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Motorola CLIQ 2 Reviews

The Motorola Cliq 2 delivers a usable design and agreeable performance, but we were hoping for more feature improvements over its Cliq predecessors.
Phone Dog
It isn't the most exciting device of 2011, but it is a good phone with great build quality. Motorola definitely stepped it up from the original CLIQ and turned the CLIQ 2 into a device that straddles the line between a mid-range and high-end device.
Android Central
Overall, the Motorola Cliq 2 met and in some cases exceeded my expectations. In particular, the keyboard, overall performance, and build quality were impressive.
Android Authority
Overall, I was very impressed with this device. If it had a front facing camera, and a slightly faster processor, it might actually be the one to replace my myTouch because I was that impressed with it.
Android And Me
The Cliq 2 closely resembles the original Motorola Cliq, but has some beefed up specs and a much-improved hardware keyboard that could make it a real competitor to the current line of high-end smartphones on T-Mobile.
The Motorola Cliq 2 features a slide-out keyboard, a MOTOBLUR interface, 1 GHz processor and 4G connectivity, meaning it can browsing the web, running apps and keeping in touch with you friends with incredibly fast speeds.
Slash Gear
It’s taken over a year for the true successor to emerge, the Motorola CLIQ 2, and Android, MOTOBLUR and the smartphone segment in general have undergone some significant changes in the meantime.
Pocket Now
The MotoBlur user interface will appeal to the social networking addict by simplifying ways to update status and share media. In this review we will cover the hardware, software and overall experience that the Cliq 2 has to offer.
The original Motorola Cliq was innovative for its social-networking focus; this revised model adds a significantly updated OS, plus a big boost in CPU power and screen resolution.
The Cliq 2 is an excellent follow-up to the original Cliq with a superb keyboard and some very useful features, but if you take a lot of pictures with your phone, you’ll be disappointed with the mediocre camera.
Laptop Mag
This head-turning Android slider is much improved over its predecessor, but it's not as feature rich as similarly priced competitors.
Phone Arena
And now, continuing with the landscape sliding keyboard form factor, a more direct successor in the Motorola CLIQ 2 has arrived, boasting some updated hardware that should hopefully come off as a respectable mid-range offering on T-Mobile's lineup.