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Motorola Atrix HD Reviews

The Verge
"Usually a $99.99 on-contract "mid-range" Android phone ends up making so many compromises it essentially ruins the phone — but that's not at all the case with the Atrix HD."
"For $99.99, the Motorola Atrix HD is a great deal if you can live with its mediocre camera and short battery life."
Phone Dog
"Aaron takes an in-depth look at the Motorola Atrix HD, Motorola's first device to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich."
Techno Buffalo
"Spec-wise it holds its own against the top two AT&T Android phones on the market. It beats the competition when it comes to build quality and phone call quality, but leaves a lot desired when it comes to the camera and the battery life."
Pocket Now
"There’s a lot to like about the Motorola Atrix HD – especially for the price. Unfortunately, most of that likability only goes skin-deep."
Business Insider
"It's ugly. It's fat. Motorola's extra features like Smart Actions, which let you customize settings based on your location, are difficult to set up and are pretty unnecessary for most people."
"At the end of this evaluation, I stand in the realization that I really like the Atrix HD. It feels good in the hand, the design is nice, and Motorola is doing the best they can at staying out of Google’s way with Android 4.0."
Slash Gear
"This device is the nicest looking and nicest working Atrix that’s been released in the history of Motorola’s Atrix line. It’s extremely similar to the DROID RAZR, is carried by AT&T with their 4G LTE network for data, and is ready to be your favorite Motorola smartphone yet."
Into Mobile
"If you've been eyes something like the Galaxy S III, and want to save some money, you're going to have some buyer's remorse."
Tech Crunch
"What the Atrix HD lacks in style (and it lacks a lot in style) it makes up for with plenty of substance — a mostly untouched flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich, a surprisingly strong spec sheet, and a great display make it a wallet-friendly dark horse that stacks up favorably to the carrier’s heavyweights."
"Yeah, it's a good, solid phone—for $100! The only things that separate this phone from HTC's and Samsung's flashship devices is a pretty crappy camera, lack of NFC, and less-than-sublime design."
"I consider the Motorola Atrix HD to be a “very good” phone: It has a large and crisp display, a fast hardware platform, a recent Android version and unique features like Smart Actions that few competitors have."
Android Community
"To be honest we really enjoyed the Atrix HD and for the price it is a serious bargain and a force to be reckoned with."
Talk Android
"If you can afford to get a phone with more pizazz, do yourself a favor and splurge on the Galaxy S III or One X smartphones."
"Motorola’s new smartphone feels inexpensive, but concessions clearly had to be made somewhere in order to hit that magic sub-$100 price point."
Laptop Mag
"The Motorola Atix HD's vivid display and high-quality design make this Android phone a very good value."
"Considering this phone's big, bright display and fast processor, it is hard to believe that the Motorola Atrix HD is only $100."
"Motorola's nicely updated Atrix HD Android smartphone offers a lot of bang for not much buck, although it's no longer the stellar value it once was."
Phone Arena
"After seeing so many stellar devices for AT&T, the ATRIX HD has a tough battle ahead of itself in an attempt to stay relevant amongst the pack."