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Motorola ATRIX 2 Reviews

For the price, the Motorola Atrix 2 is an amazingly feature-packed high-performance Android phone for AT&T customers.
The Verge
AT&T launched the Motorola Atrix 2 with very little fanfare, slotting it in with a set of low-end Android smartphones on October 11th. However, the Atrix 2 is the successor to the venerable Atrix 4G and as such at least bears the name of a top-of-the-line Android phone.
Not even ten months after the Atrix's February 22nd launch, we're already seeing its successor, aptly named the Atrix 2. At the risk of sounding blunt, it's not a groundbreaking device.
Android Central
The Atrix 2 isn't the biggest or best smartphone on the market, but for $99 on contract, the sacrificies Motorola made are justifiable and can be overlooked.
Android Community
Motorola’s ATRIX 2 is a modest update to one of the most exciting smartphones to hit AT&T’s network this year. It seems a little soon for the ATRIX to get a sequel, especially since the original is still available.
Android Authority
Motorola and AT&T have just released the successor to the original Atrix. While the differences aren’t quite as substantial as from, say the Samsung Galaxy S to the Galaxy S II, there are some fairly significant differences between the two Android powered phones.
Slash Gear
We’ve got more than a few questions (and a few answers, too!) about the ATRIX 2 including why it exists and how it’ll stand up against the rest of the very well-suited superphone environment again here in the USA.
When BGR Editor-in-chief Jonathan Geller first reviewed the original Motorola Atrix 4G in February, he called it “one of the best smartphones to ever be available from AT&T.” Now I have that phone’s successor, the Motorola ATRIX 2.
Gotta Be Mobile
Now, just barely 9 months later, and the Atrix has a worthy new successor in the form of the Atrix 2, a device that promises to be better, bolder, and faster while retaining all the original DNA of the Atrix 4G that made the original device so lovable.
Tech Crunch
An attractive and comfortable phone with a great screen and solid camera. Not in fact a major update to the original Atrix, but it’s nice, despite some uncalled-for visual effects.
Tech Radar
The Motorola Atrix 2 isn't really a full sequel to the Motorola Atrix, another fast smartphone. Instead, it's an iterative release with a few new features, a better camera and a lower price.
Into Mobile
The Motorola Atrix 2 is finally here and we’ve been anxious to put it through its paces. Well, that’s what we’ve done in this review and we’re going to lay it all out on the table for you.
For the price, the Atrix 2 is a good follow-up to the original, and great for anyone looking to upgrade to a dual-core phone at a reasonable cost.
Phone Arena
Fortunately for all of us, Motorola is quick to pump out its successor in a timely manner as the Motorola ATRIX 2 is happily finding its niche on AT&T’s lineup right now.