LG V30

Last updated: Aug 31st, 2017.

The LG V30 is the follow-up to the LG V20. LG made a lot of changes in this model. Removing the Second Screen, adding the FullVision display, and polishing everything up. The V30 is LG's premium phablet.

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LG V30 Battery Life (First 24 Hours)

Battery life is obviously a very big deal, especially for devices that are called “phablets.” You expect good battery life when you get a big phone, but that’s not always the case.

LG V30 First Impressions!

The V30 is like a G6 that was sent to a jeweler and had them soften all the sharp edges and polish it like a fine piece of jewelry.

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The LG V30 is the best iPhone X competitor

Specs aren’t important to Apple and iPhone users. The experience of using the phone is what matters. That’s why I think the LG V30 is the best Android comparison to the iPhone X.

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