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The LG Revolution may not be the revolutionary handset it claims to be, but it's still a solid Verizon 4G Android phone with the bonus of the Netflix app.
With three options, all so close to each other in dimension and features, it's natural to compare all of 'em and make the call on which one is the best of the bunch. Is LG's first crack at Verizon's LTE network truly a game-changer, as its name suggests?
Phone Dog
The LG Revolution is the newest addition to Verizon's 4G smartphone roster, and it packs some high-end features such as a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4.3-inch display, HDMI port, and a front-facing camera for video calling.
Android Police
All the handset's different aspects ultimately lead to one conclusion: MEH
Android Community
Welcome to the Revolution! This is LG’s newest effort for Verizon, the LG Revolution running on their 4G LTE network.
On May 26th, Verizon released the LG Revolution and gave its subscribers their third 4G smartphone option. Does LG’s first 4G LTE phone address the shortcomings of Verizon Wireless’ earlier offerings?
Pocket Now
Does the phone live up to the hype? Read on for the full review!
Slash Gear
It is no secret that we love the speeds possible on LTE, but does the Revolution have what it takes to compete with the glossy hi-def display of the Droid Charge, or the performance of the HTC Thunderbolt?
Laptop Mag
The LG Revolution delivers great 4G speeds, built-in Netflix, and a brighter display than its Verizon competition.
If you love Netflix more than making phone calls, the LG Revolution streams crystal-clear video at blazing speeds on Verizon's 4G LTE network.
How does it stack up to the other two? While the Revolution is attractive and solidly built, the overlay LG slapped over Android isn't the slickest. I wished LG would have kept the straight Android, like the T-Mobile G2X.
Into Mobile
In our review, we’ll try and determine if this is on par with other phones in the market, including the 4G LTE-capable HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Charge.
Phone Arena
Completing the trifecta of 4G LTE smartphones first presented to us way back at CES early in the year, LG’s presence is largely going to be known even more on Verizon’s lineup now that the LG Revolution VS910 is finally here.