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Bug-fixing OTA update heading to the LG Revolution

Verizon’s posted a changelog for a new update that appears to be coming to the LG Revolution. Little more than bug fixes will be found this time, but you’ll still want to know what’s new. Android security patches have been applied, picture messages will be sent properly if you’re connected to WiFi, an issue with […]

Verizon adding “remote diagnostic tool” to LG Revolution via update

Sensing the Carrier IQ mess is sufficiently in the past, Verizon acknowledged in the changelog for the LG Revolution that it will be adding a remote diagnostic tool to the phone. However, a significant difference of this tool from Carrier IQ is that Verizon only retrieves data when the user explicitly gives permission to a […]

Rumor: DROID 3, LG Revolution Hit End of Life Status

If the rumor we’re reporting on right now is true, a few of Verizon’s top devices – including the relatively-recent Motorola DROID 3 and the LTE-enabled LG Revolution – are set to hit end of life status. End of life means you’ll be hard-pressed to find them for sale by Verizon or their third-party retailers, […]

Verizon’s Black Friday Deals Revealed

So you’re wondering what Verizon’s got cooking for the biggest shopping day of the year? According to new evidence by Droid-Life there are some things you might want to take advantage. We’ve got deals on a few of Verizon’s big devices. The Motorola XOOM can be had for $200. While you might opt for something […]

LG Revolution Gingerbread Over-The-Air Update Rolling Out Today

Looks like the LG Revolution will be seeing a over-the-air software update rolling out sometime today. The 87.8MB update will bring the device up to software version VS910ZV7 and brings all the goodies that come along with having a Gingerbread device like improved copy/paste and all around smoother UI. The update also brings with it the […]

Let’sTalk Offering $50 Off All Verizon Handsets Until August 31st [Deals]

Online wireless retailer “LetsTalk” announced today that they will be offering $50 off any smartphone in Verizon Wireless’s lineup from now, through Wednesday, August 31st. The offer is only good when you sign up for a 2-year agreement and when use coupon code “bbafocf6″ during checkout. Say what you will about all the upcoming superphones […]

LG Revolution Software Upgrade Now Available [VS910ZV6]

From the looks of our inbox, Verizon has just pushed a neat package to LG Revolution owners – the same maintenance upgrade we sort of detailed the other day. It adds V-Cast, fixes bugs, and enhances things. The full list of changes can be seen in the image above. Be sure to check for the […]

LG Revolution Update Ready to Bring V-Cast, Bug Fixes

The LG Revolution is just about set to receive a software upgrade sometime soon. No, it won’t bring you an explosion of gingery flavor, but it will bring some bug fixes and enhancements that may or may not excite you. And if you’re into V-Cast, they’re bringing all of that along for the ride, as […]

LG Revolution Drops to $199, Becomes Verizon’s Lowest-Priced 4G LTE Handset

You have to feel a bit sorry for the LG Revolution. Unlike it’s name implies, it didn’t quite revolutionize Verizon’s 4G LTE lineup, coming in after the the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid Charge and with the Droid Bionic looming over the horizon. It hasn’t been helped much by so-so specs and LG’s clunky custom user […]

Amazon Wireless Hosting Verizon Wireless Sale Through June 8th

The folks at Amazon have discounted some of Verizon’s latest and most popular phones through June 8th. This isn’t the $0.01 sale we’re waiting for, but you’ll want to jump on some of these devices now if you were waiting for them. One biggie includes the Samsung DROID Charge, a Galaxy S phone that we […]

LG Revolution Is Rooted, Bloatware Can Take a Hike

That was easy. While other manufacturers are busy foiling the exploits of modders and hackers everywhere, LG left their brand-new 4G LTE handset wide open to established root methods, leading to the phone being broken wide open by the folks over at RootzWiki just a day after release. The rageagainstthecage method was all that was […]

Xperia Play and LG Revolution Now Available, DROID X2 Available at Verizon Wireless Stores

DROID X2 by Motorola Another big day for Verizon has arrived. Firstly, the Motorola DROID X2 has finally made its way into stores. It’s been available online since the 19th, but if you’re the type who needs to play with a device before you take a plunge on buying it, you can head into a […]

Official: LG Revolution Launches May 26th for $249.99

Verizon’s third (count ‘em up) 4G LTE smartphone is about to land on their growing next-gen network. The LG Revolution, which was first showcased at CES in January, has been officially announced for a May 26th launch, and not a day too soon. When the Android 2.2 smartphone goes on sale in-store and online it […]

LG Revolution Launch Nears as Promotional Materials Arrive In-Store

The latest rumors suggest the LG Revolution could be launching this Thursday, May 26th. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, promotional materials arriving in-store suggest that a release is indeed write around the corner. Materials include dummy units of the phone and accompanying display stands. If the phone is to launch this week, […]

Download: LG Revolution User Guide

Just as soon as the LG Revolution got a rumored launch date of May 26th, this user guide has found its way into the hands of Droid-Life. Yep, it’s still Bing’d. And you had to guess Netflix would still be supported. Everything else is as you’d expect, though – it’s a 4G LTE device, has […]