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The LG Optimus One P500 smart phone packs plenty of punch, offering all the joys of Android 2.2 at a rock-bottom price. We just wish LG's tweaks to Android didn't look so clumsy.
LG has well and truly joined the Android movement. It's latest handset, the Optimus One, comes running the latest incarnation of Android, FroYo.
Android Central
"I've put the Optimus through the ropes, and I'd advise anyone looking for a great little phone, at a great pricing point to have a look at it. If you want to play Asphalt 5 on your phone, look elsewhere because the graphics ability, as well as the screen size and resolution isn't going to cut it. What you do have is a solid entry-level smartphone, plain and simple."
Phone Arena
"What we saw in the LG Optimus One is a set of features, which match the asking price – nice capacitive touchscreen, smooth interface, various codecs support, and pleasant design. We’d like to see better pictures in low light situations, a more fluid browser, or adequate support of Adobe Flash, but adding a faster chipset or LED flash to the camera would have bumped up the price, so we get what’s on offer – a quite decent Froyo handset at price that would put feature phones to shame."
"Featuring a simple back-to-basics approach by LG, the Optimus One is a sturdy and affordable way to get into Android – especially since it's the first really cheap phone to come with Android 2.2."
"The LG Optimus One feels like a better device than LG’s GT-540 Optimus. We prefer the design and we like that the buttons are to the point, unlike the Huawei Ideos, which goes a little overboard on controls. The offering of Android 2.2 means you get some nice high-end features, even if getting Flash videos means moving to a new browser."
"Though not the most exciting of Android phones, this model has features other budget models lack, making it an attractive entry-level smartphone for cost-conscious buyers."
GSM Arena
"LG may have a genuine smartphone for the masses on their hands (and the Optimus One has already sold over a million units, so that’s hardly a prophetic statement), but let’s see where its main competition lies."
PC World
"LG's Optimus One is a great example of an affordable yet highly functional Android smartphone. A successor to the original LG Optimus, the Optimus One includes a 3.2in capacitive touchscreen and runs the latest version of Google's Android platform. It is excellent value for money and doesn't skimp on features."