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LG Optimus G Reviews

"All in all, the LG Optimus G is an awesome device, but we have to keep in mind it is competing with the highest-end devices of late 2012. With that in mind, we can confidently say this is among the top 4 smartphones to get – a great accomplishment for LG."
"With its speedy innards, LTE data speeds, and stunning screen, the LG Optimus G is one of LG's best handsets so far, but it can't escape its weak battery and camera."
The Verge
"Taken as a whole, the Optimus G doesn't quite match the overall consistency that Samsung or HTC have brought to the table."
"The Optimus G is a phenomenal piece of hardware that combines refined design, superb build quality and specs to die for."
"Aaron takes an in-depth look at the LG Optimus G from AT&T."
"This device is the most well-refined package that LG has ever delivered, with a generous amount of processing power, a high-class physical feel, and a final product that finally does justice to the display power LG has been bringing on for months in past devices."
"In an uphill battle for relevance, LG has come out with a sharp right hook. The Optimus G is a great device that certainly shows the world that it isn't going anywhere."
"It is fair to say that the LG Optimus G is an excellent smartphone. When compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the current  leading device in the high-end Android smartphones market (in terms of popularity), it delivers a state-of-the-art product design in an ultra-thin body with a better build quality than its rival."
"With the Optimus G, LG has made two significant achievements. First, it’s surprised us -positively- at nearly every turn, helping to brighten the company’s tarnished reputation."
"The LG Optimus G on AT&T is a fabulous device. The display is one of the best displays you will find on a smartphone, the hardware specs are the best in the business, battery life is above average, it takes advantage of AT&T’s ultra-fast LTE network, and the UI experience, while custom, doesn’t suck. I’m impressed, to say the least."
Android Police
"The Optimus G is a phone I have a hard time putting down. It's so fast, so smooth, and Optimus UI is much more usable and fully-featured than it was even just 6 months ago. LG has worked hard to get this far, and it shows."
Android Central
"The Optimus G is truly the best hardware LG has ever produced."
Android Community
"This device is clearly LG’s best device yet. They have added some of the most cutting edge mobile options all into one package."
Android Authority
"The LG Optimus G is a glamorous handset that will take multitasking on mobile phones to the next level."
"The LG Optimus G for Sprint is the fastest Android phone today, but it isn't the best Android phone on Sprint."
"The LG Optimus G offers a beautiful, 4.7-inch display, lots of innovative features and fast AT&T 4G LTE speed."
"Here's a look at the two latest versions of LG's flagship Optimus G that are headed to AT&T and Sprint in November."
Phone Scoop
"The Optimus G brings some serious firepower to AT&T's network. This flagship Android smartphone from LG dazzles with a top-notch design and unending feature list. If you're looking for a killer device, the LG Optimus G is a solid choice for many reasons."
"Overall, LG's efforts in its latest handset have proven that it can run with the big dogs, and the Optimus G does just that."