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Also available today from AT&T: HTC One Mini, LG Optimus G Pro, Samsung Galaxy Mega

AT&T has a full slate of new phones available today, including the HTC One Mini, LG Optimus G Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Mega. Ranging from 4.3 inches to 6.3, there is likely something for everyone. Any takers?

LG Optimus G Pro for AT&T gets value pack upgrade

LG has announced that the LG Optimus G Pro — a Ma Bell exclusive here in the United States — is now getting the illustrious value pack upgrade that we’ve all been waiting for.

LG Optimus G Pro sells 1 million handsets in South Korea

The LG Optimus G Pro sells 1 million phablets in its homeland of Korea, making it the fastest selling LG device since the Optimus LTE.

What’s the best Android phone as of June 2013?

The summer months are approaching at breakneck speed it seems, and a lot of folks are going to be due for upgrades soon. Now’s as good a time as any to highlight the Android landscape’s best smartphones as of June 2013.

Why do a majority of smartphone makers prefer IPS technology? [SPONSORED]

The mobile industry has taken great strides in areas such as processor technology, RAM, and 4G LTE connectivity, but with the innovation curve being reached in those areas, it’s important to refocus on one of the most important components of any device — its display.

Sprint site tips LG Optimus G Pro

When AT&T originally announced it would be carrying the LG Optimus G Pro the carrier mentioned that it was an exclusive dealio. Exclusive doesn’t really mean exclusive anymore, of course — it’s more like a timed exclusive. Akin to what happened with Verizon getting the Galaxy Nexus months ahead of everyone else, it looks like […]

LG Optimus G Pro #ThroughGlass

At LG’s launch party for the Optimus G Pro fro AT&T in New York City, we use Google Glass to capture the event (including Atlas Genius concert) and snag a hands-on demonstration with the 5.5-inch smartphone beast.

AT&T exclusively carrying the LG Optimus G Pro, coming May 10th for $199.99

The first US carrier to announced availability of the LG Optimus G Pro has been revealed. It’s AT&T, and we’re just a week and a half away from seeing it sitting on the carrier’s store shelves.

LG’s May 1st NYC event is definitely for the Optimus G Pro

The LG Optimus G Pro is headed to New York City May 1st, and Phandroid will be there covering it live. We expect the device to be announced for the US market.

LG wants to “Share the Genius” at May 1st NYC event

It looks like LG is throwing a little shindig in New York City soon. The mobile OEM has started sending invites to press for an event that will take place May 1st. The invitation asks us to “Share the Genius,” though we can’t be too sure of what LG means by that. The invite doesn’t […]

LG flaunts black LG Optimus G Pro

Don’t like the current slim crop of colors the LG Optimus G Pro is available in? LG has something nice for you this morning as the company has unveiled a new coat of paint for the flagship device –the Optimus G Pro will soon be available in black! There aren’t many surprises or “gotchas” here: […]

LG Optimus G Pro ‘Value Pack’ update detailed in new video, coming April 12th

LG has posted a video detailing some of the features owners of the LG Optimus G Pro can expect as part of a new “Value Pack” update. The new software includes such new capabilities as Smart Video, Dual Camera snapshots, and Pause & Resume video recording. Smart Video, similar to a feature unveiled by Samsung […]

LG Optimus G Pro celebrates 500,000 devices sold while we await a US release

I loved the device when we got an opportunity to play with it at MWC 2013 earlier this year and after only 40 days since it was released in its homeland of Korea, the LG Optimus G Pro is celebrating over 500,000 devices sold. Not bad at, LG. Not bad at all. A combination of […]

LG E980 hits FCC with AT&T radios, could be LG Optimus G Pro

AT&T could soon be ready to serve up the LG Optimus G Pro as a device with a similar model number has hit the FCC with the carrier’s radios. It’s sitting in the FCC’s halls with the model number LG E980, and has both the GSM and LTE radios necessary to run on Ma Bell’s […]

LG thinks Samsung might be infringing on their eye-tracking patents

You might recall that only hours before Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S4, LG announced an update for their LG Optimus G Pro that would introduce Smart Video among other features. Smart Video sounds surprisingly similar to the Smart Pause function later demoed for the GS4 — turn your eyes away from the display and video […]