LG Nexus 5

Last updated: Mar 16th, 2013.

The LG Nexus 5 is rumored to be one of the prototypes being tested by Google for the 2013 Nexus device. Rumors include the ability to customize the device to your liking, as well as amazing features like 4K video recording. 

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LG X5 trademark raises questions about potential new device

LG has a new trademark today. Filed in their home country of Korea, the trademark protects the name “LG X5.” We’re not entirely sure which category the trademark was filed under, though it’s reasonable to suggest that it’s some sort of product name, and potentially for a phone.

Motorola registered a trademark for the name Moto Z

Last week, we wrote about a rumor that claimed Lenovo would nix the “Moto X” name in favor of the wildly different and revolutionary “Moto Z.” Love it or hate it, Moto Z appears to be here to stay.