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LG Intuition Reviews

The Verge
"Don't buy this phone."
"The LG Intuition from Verizon is a reasonably priced, Android 4.0 'phablet,' but its specs can't compete with Samsung's Galaxy Note family."
"We'll admit that our gripes with the width of the Intuition is more of a matter of personal preference and the extra girth may suit folks just fine -- however, we'd be more willing to give it a pass if the device itself isn't a study in mediocrity."
"Aaron reviews the LG Intuition on Verizon, another "phablet" device to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note series."
"Sadly, the highlights of the LG Intuition are few and far between. For those looking for a smartphone-tablet hybrid, I’d recommend waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note II."
"This is certainly one of LG’s most impressive devices yet, and though we’re not entirely convinced that we’d not rather have its main competitor in the end, LG does currently have the Verizon piece of the market cornered."
Android Police
"When I started writing this review a few days ago, I thought the quirky device could make some buyers happy, despite some poorly thought out decisions. By today, though... well, I hope it finds no buyers at all."
Android Central
"You'll also realize it should be kept in the niche category, as its functionality as a tablet is limited by poor software and stylus, and its phone functionality suffers from impossible one-handed operation."
Android Community
"For those that loved the Galaxy Note but were stuck on Verizon should really enjoy this phone — that’s if you’re not waiting for the Note II."
"The massive LG Intuition phablet offers a sprawling 5-inch screen for browsing, reading, and taking notes, but it's not a great smartphone."
"The LG Intuition offers a gorgeous 5-inch display and an inventive interface, but it's too difficult to use with one hand and there's nowhere to put the stylus."