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LG InTouch Max Overview

The LG InTouch Max is the company's first Android phone in the European market. The same phone - bearing model number GW620 - was previously released in Canada under the name LG Eve. With a 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard, 3-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera and all the Android goodness you can cram onto its hardware and 16GB MicroSD card, the InTouch Max is sure to have a lot of takers.

Like many manufacturers, LG heralds this phone as a social networking powerhouse that can be customized with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking apps, updating your social life in real-time. Thus is the power of Android.

The LG InTouchMax isn't packed with amazing specifications but it has a solid set of offerings that - when paired with a great keyboard, Android and an affordable price - make LG's first of this kind to be an attractive phone.