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LG G Pro Lite to be the first Android device to come with BBM preinstalled

After news that BBM would soon come pre-installed on a variety of Android devices, today we finally know who was first in line. Announced in a press release this afternoon, BlackBerry has revealed that they’ll be teaming up with LG to include BBM preloaded on some of their devices, starting with the LG G Pro […]

LG officially announces G Pro Lite, a big-screen device for emerging markets

LG has officially announced a device they’re calling the G Pro Lite, an Android 4.1.2 device that is supposed to be a direct extension of the Optimus G. According to LG’s own words, the G Pro Lite “combines the large display and large capacity battery of [the] LG Optimus G Pro with the newest multimedia features.” But is it as good as the LG Optimus G Pro on paper?