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LG DoublePlay Reviews

The Verge
The first time I laid eyes on the LG DoublePlay, I thought I was in love. I'm a former T-Mobile Sidekick / Danger Hiptop fan, you see, and both physical keyboards and rapid multitasking are near and dear to my heart.
We'll admit it: The LG Doubleplay's bizarre design just doesn't work for us.
LG has created the DoublePlay, giving users both a hint of the Echo's dual screen experience along with a split physical keyboard for tactile typing.
Phone Dog
I've heard a lot of people complain that all smartphones these days look alike. 'They're all the same', they say. 'Just a flat square panel with a touchscreen on it.' Well, here's something different for you: a phone with two screens, one of them built into the also-included physical QWERTY.
Tech Radar
With the LG DoublePlay, a few radical hardware changes translate to an unusual, and sometimes more productive, experience.
The LG DoublePlay is built around an interesting concept, but T-Mobile users can easily find a better phone with a QWERTY keyboard.
Laptop Mag
The LG DoublePlay is a unique dual-screen Android phone with a full keyboard, but its fuzzy main screen and split keyboard are turn-offs.
Phone Arena
Well, the LG Doubleplay is one of those smartphones that attempts to provide a practical experience in typing messages with its split-style QWERTY keyboard.
Talk Android
LG is looking to reinvent multitasking and texting with the Doubleplay, available on T-Mobile. This is a mid-level phone priced at $99 with average specs. If you are looking for something unique this might be the phone for you.