• LG Apex
    Last Updated: Jan 10th,2011

    The LG Apex is US Cellular's own version of the LG Ally first seen on Verizon. Though it was released nearly a year later, the specs remain without update. The Apex carries a 600MHz CPU, 3.2MP camera, and 3.2-inch display. The handset's most notable feature is its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The four-row keyboard hosts several shortcuts and a directional pad for navigation.

    Despite a lack of powerful hardware, the LG Apex is appealing to those skirting a major carrier and seeking a budget-level Android phone with an emphasis on messaging. 

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    US Cellular Froyo Roadmap Shows HTC Desire, Samsung Mesmerize Receiving Update in Early February

    A roadmap of when you can expect Android 2.2 on your US Cellular Android has just surfaced, and if it holds true it looks like at least one US Galaxy S device could be getting its upgrade to Froyo very soon. As it stands, the Samsung Mesmerize is slated to get the update in early […]

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    US Cellular Provides Froyo Timeline for All Their Android Phones

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    US Cellular Launches the LG Apex November 19

    US Cellular has just announced their latest Android smartphone, the LG Apex. The Apex is an Android 2.1 device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and if it looks at all familiar that may be because it is simply a differently colored LG Ally, the mid-range device released for Verizon earlier this year.┬áThe specs remain the […]