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LG Ally Reviews

"With its solid design and great features, the LG Ally is an affordable and welcome addition to the Android family."
"I really want to like the LG Ally more than I do, but it's hard. I like the overall design of the phone, it's very solidly built, and the battery life is better than I expected. Unfortunately the display is fine indoors, but unusable outdoors, and the voice quality and camera are somewhat disappointing."
Android Community
"This may not be at the top of the list for Android handsets out there (it’s certainly not on ours), but for what it’s worth, it does a good job of showing that LG takes the Android handset seriously, and we imagine that the handsets coming down the pipe from the company will be better."
"Noah's review of the LG Ally. Android 2.1 plus LG's UI plus capacitive touch and full QWERTY = Watch to find out!"
"I was a huge fan of the Motorola DROID, and like this device for many of the same reasons. But the software glitches in the phone that cause occasional application Force Stops, lag, and 2 restarts so far keep me from loving the device as much as I feel I ought to."
Mobile Tech Review
"It's hard to find fault with LG's first Android phone in the US. It's fast, it's stable and the feature set is great for the price."
PC Mag
"The Ally is a solid midrange Android smartphone for Verizon subscribers needing a hardware QWERTY keyboard, but power users should pony up the extra cash for the HTC Droid Incredible."
"Overall, for a $99 smartphone, the LG Ally is a solid 'Good' ranking Android powered handset. Though not as powerful as other smartphones, the LG Ally doesn't need the impressive specs for their target audience. Android 2.1 runs fairly smoothly and the experience is about the same as that of a Samsung EPIC 4G, except slightly slower. For entry level customers who don't want to spend too much money on a smartphone, the LG Ally is the perfect phone to pick up. For folks who do not want a physical QWERTY keyboard, Verizon also offers the LG Vortex which is similar to the LG Ally but without the physical keyboard."
"Frankly, we came away feeling like LG half-assed this phone at a time when it could've swooped in and established itself in the thick, meaty midsection of Verizon's smartphone lineup."
"A fantastic screen and unbelievable keyboard isn't enough to save the Ally, a competent phone sabotaged by a weak heart and confused identity."