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Lenovo unveils 4 new smartphones for CES 2014 including Vibe Z with Snapdragon 800 CPU, titanium body, and 3,000mAh battery

Lenovo is coming in hot to Las Vegas, ready to introduce a handful of new Android handsets for CES 2014. Not to be outdone by Samsung (who’s been known to introducing an onslaught of Android handsets in various shapes/sizes) Lenovo is unveiling the Lenovo Vibe Z, Lenovo S930,  Lenovo S650 and  Lenovo A859. The most […]

Lenovo comes to town with a couple of new smartphones

Lenovo never blossomed into the major Android player we’d hoped they’d become, but they’re still at it. The company has announced two new Android handsets for the near future. Neither will blow your mind, but they should prove to be decent pocket-friendly options in the regions they’ll be available in.