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Kyocera Echo Reviews

The Kyocera Echo's design offers some unique advantages, but its appeal is hampered by usability quirks and a lackluster feature set.
It's not exactly difficult to put into words what the Kyocera Echo is -- it's a dual-screened Android phone, after all -- but it's a wee bit more challenging to wrap your head around who exactly it's for.
Android Central
If there ever was a phone you shouldn't buy without doing your homework, the Kyocera Echo is it.  It brings something new and different, but that doesn't always mean something new, different and good.
Phone Dog
Two screens or one tablet, the choice is yours!  Aaron reviews the Kyocera Echo, the first dual-screen Android device.
Techno Buffalo
In all honesty, I don’t know what to make of the Kyocera Echo for Sprint except to say that it’s the second coming of the Motorola MPx. The circa-2004 MPx was a Windows Mobile phone with a dual-hinged clamshell design, a touchscreen, and about a million buttons.
Pocket Now
The Kyocera Echo represents a first for the entire smartphone industry: it is the first dual-screened phone, which is pretty impressive considering that Kyocera isn't exactly known for smartphones.
Gotta Be Mobile
The Kyocera Echo won our best multitasking/simultasking smartphone award at CTIA 2011 and is now available for purchase at your local Sprint store.
Sprint’s Kyocera Echo is a brand new concept in the mobile space. It’s innovative, and it’s bold. Using two displays that connect together to form one large touch surface, you’re able to interact with your handset in a way that’s never been possible before.
Into Mobile
After playing with the unquestionably unique Kyocera Echo for a week, I believe it’s an ambitious smartphone but I’m not sure if it quite hits that magic mark.
Since the Echo is more gimmick than substance, you might want to pass it over in favor of something with more power.
The Android-based Kyocera Echo for Sprint is a flawed first attempt at an interesting concept. Not enough software supports dual-screen multitasking for this gutsy design to pay off.
Laptop Mag
The Kyocera Echo makes the most of its two screens with the ability to run two apps at the same time, as well as special apps that leverage both displays.
Phone Arena
As the first of its kind you’re definitely going to pay the early adaptor tax on the Kyocera Echo, but just how steep is that and is it worth it?