• Huawei U8230
    Last Updated: Nov 16th,2010

    Excitement around a Huawei Android phone started in January 2009 when the company showcased their first Android phone prototype at Mobile World Congress. Six months later they have officially announced their first Android Phone - the Huawei U8230.

    With a beautiful design, 3.5" inch LED touchscreen, 3.2 MP camera and the largest capacity battery of any Android Phone thus far (1500 mAh) - the Huawei U8230 should be an awesome addition to the Android lineup. Further specs, release date and price are not yet known, so bookmark this page as we'll keep it up to date in order to reflect the most recent information!

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    Huawei U8230 Reviewed: No Pulse But Alive And Kickin’

    The T-Mobile Pulse was manufactured as the Huawei U8220 but we heard about the U8230 well before any of this. So where is it now? Apparently its in the hands of the folks at pointgphone (translated) who had the pleasure of reviewing the device courtesy of Bouygues Telecom in France: Make no mistake about it […]

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    T-Mobile Pulse: Huawei U8220 Made Android?

    Since Mobile World Congress we’ve been hearing about the Huawei U8230 which has gone through the rumor mill several times, each time passing with a different final rumored outcome. Most recently we had heard it could be the T-mobile G3… but now the rumor waters are getting muddier (and yummier)! The Wi-Fi Alliance has just […]

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    Huawei U8230 To T-Mobile UK By September’s End

    We just learned that the Huawei U8230 would be the first official Android Phone from the company available to consumers and now we’ve got a carrier and a timeframe tacked on as well. T-Mobile has always been rumored as the suitor for Huawei’s Android device and now that is confirmed, PCWorld reports: T-Mobile will release […]

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    Huawei U8230 Video From CNET!

    The Huawei U8230 was announced at CommunicAsia and John Chan from Crave at CNET had the opportunity to do a quick video of the hardware. The phone was a prototype so the Android software wasn’t currently on the phone, giving the 2nd Half of 2009 timeframe a little wobbliness: We learn a few new things […]

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    Huawei U8230 Android Phone Officially Announced!

    It has been a minute since we’ve heard about the Huawei Android Phone that was first seen in January and most recently thought to be launching as the T-Mobile G3 sometime in Q3. While the naming conventions and timing are uncertain, Huawei has officially launched the Huawei U8230 Android Phone at CommunicAsia: That is a […]