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Huawei Honor Reviews

The Huawei Honor may be a step up from most of the company's devices that we get our hands on, but U.S. customers should seek local versions of the Android smartphone, like the Huawei Mercury with Cricket.
Phone makers love to take pride in the extravagant names they give their products, but it's likely that the Huawei Honor is more to its creator than just a decently-specced handset.
Android Central
Some devices are marketed heavily, some bring new features and others just fall to the wayside after announcement, and the Huawei Honor is a handset that falls in the middle of a bunch of these categories.
Android Police
Budget phone. The very sound of those two words, together, makes me slightly ill. In fact, it makes me almost immediately seethe with a sort of "nerd-rage."
Android Guys
Fans of stock Android experience will enjoy the Huawei Honor's simple interface that sits atop Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  The battery pretty much delivers on its promises of a considerably longer standby and talk times.
This smartphone has a very “plain” look to it, and nothing in its design language is a “power statement”, so most people would assume that it is an average to below-average phone when looking at it.
Phone Arena
The Huawei Honor is a mid-range Android smartphone that retails for about $370 off contract and has relatively a lot to offer in exchange, namely a 4-inch high-resolution display, a 1.4GHz single-core processor, and an 8-megapixel auto-focus camera.
The Huawei Honor is made in China and proudly so. Designed, engineered and created in the Land of the Dragon, it's nothing like your run-of-the-mill cheap knock-off.