• HTC Wildfire

    The hardware of the HTC Wildfire isn't exactly 'jaw dropping,' but still great for an 'entry-level' handset for folks on a budget. Specs include a 5 MP camera with geo-tagging & auto-focus, 3.2" inch capacitive that supports multi-touch and gesture input and packed with Android 2.1 Eclair definitely showing the Wildfire is the successor to HTC's other budget phone - the Tattoo.

    A fun fact about this phone is the name -- HTC ran an online poll to decide what the handset should be called and "Wildfire" came out on top. The name ends up all too fitting.

    The HTC Wildfire features HTC's typically fresh stylings, which include an optical trackpad for navigation. It has since seen its successor in the HTC Wildfire S.

  • News & Updates

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    ‘RadioShack’s “Shack Friday” Sales Have AT&T Galaxy S II at $50, HTC EVO 3D at $100

    Black Friday is coming up and the retailers are all just about ready to let known their hot holiday deals. RadioShack has confirmed and even named their plans – Shack Friday, it is. Highlights include the HTC EVO 3D at $100 (though this deal has been posted before) and one biggie – AT&T’s Galaxy S […]

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    Source Code Released for HTC Incredible S, myTouch 3G Slide, Wildfire

    For you developer types out there (or those simply interested in perusing line by line the code of your beloved handsets), HTC has released the source code for three more handsets into their developer portal. The code for the HTC Incredible S, T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide, and HTC Wildfire are now available for download. For […]

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    HTC Wildfire, Magic (myTouch 3G), and G1 Latest to Receive Honeycomb Ports [Video]

    Honeycomb is beginning to reach back into the archives with a couple of new ports for older devices. By older, we mean two of the original Gs to hit the scene, the T-Mobile G1 and the myTouch 3G. This further spits in the face of the notion that Honeycomb requires a set of minimum specifications, […]

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    Half-off HTC Desire, 75 percent-off HTC Wildfire for Valentine’s Day at Cellular South

    Cellular South wants to spread some Android love around in anticipation of the Valentine’s Day holiday, so they are knocking back the price on two of their HTC handsets powered by the Google OS. The HTC Desire is seeing a 50 percent reduction in price, while the HTC Wildfire is getting knocked back by a […]

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    HTC Legend and Wildfire Get Maintenance Upgrades

    HTC’s released a pair of minor (and uninspiring) maintenance upgrades for their Legend and Wildfire. There’s no changelog to be had, but we’re hearing that the downloads aren’t really that big, and nothing noticeable has changed. Many are wondering if they are precursors for a forthcoming Froyo update, but there’s really no way to tell. […]

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    HTC Wildfire Coming to the United States this Quarter

    It’s been announced that the HTC Wildfire would be headed for the United States this quarter. There was no word on which carriers would get it, but “regional” carriers were specifically mentioned so that rules out Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. The Wildfire is a smallish device that packs enough of a punch to get […]

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    White HTC Desire and Silver HTC Wildfire Go on Pre-order for the UK

    Just when you thought there was nothing left to desire about the original Desire, HTC and Orange are busting out a new color scheme to entice people one last time to purchase the handset that blew up all over the UK last spring. The white HTC Desire is now available for pre-order for as low […]

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    HTC Wildfire Getting an OTA Upgrade

    Nope, it’s not Froyo. If that’s all you were looking for, you can stop reading here. For those that are just happy with continued improvements to their HTC Wildfire regardless of what version of Android you’re running, HTC’s got an over-the-air upgrade ready for ¬†you to download. The upgrade consists of the following main changes: […]

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    Desire and Wildfire for Virgin Media UK Getting FroYo “Early September”

    For those of you on Virgin in the UK with the HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire, your upgrade to Android 2.2 is currently in the works. Early September was the timeframe given by the carrier’s Twitter account. Early September could mean anything between the 1st and 15th (technically the 15th is the middle of the […]

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    [Update: Aria and Wildfire, too] Droid Incredible’s and EVO 4G’s 2.2 Source Code Released by HTC

    HTC’s gone ahead and released the FroYo-base Android 2.2 source code for their two biggest (or most powerful, more appropriately) Sense-enabled handsets in the United States: the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. This is business as usual with these releases opening up many possibilities for developers – such as Cyanogen’s group – […]