• HTC Status
    Last Updated: Jun 23rd,2011

    The HTC Status is the North American version of the ChaCha, a candybar QWERTY-enabled "Facebook phone". The Status offers deep Facebook integration via its dedicated Facebook share button, making it quicker then ever to post a photo, check-in, or update your...status.

    The handset is headed to AT&T in the US and TELUS in Canada and is aimed at those who proritize their social interactions over having the latest and greatest specs. It is a mid-range phone with an 800MHz processor, 2.6-inch touchscreen and dual front and rear cameras.

    The Status features HTC Sense on top of its Android OS with addition Facebook integration for ultimate social experience.

  • News & Updates

    HTC Myst gets specced, rumored as next ‘Facebook phone’

    Rumors of the next “Facebook phone” are heating up in the form of the HTC Myst (formerly the HTC opera). The device is said to be a three-way collaboration between the Taiwanese company, the social network giant, and AT&T. The partnership has its origins in AT&T’s HTC Status, the US version of the HTC ChaCha. […]

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    Bootloader Officially Unlocked for HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2

    HTC’s on a roll with their bootloader unlock program as they have added support for six new devices today. Those devices include theĀ  HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2. While some of these devices already have community-developed methods it’s always good to see official support from the OEMs. Head to […]

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    AT&T Rumored to be Discontinuing the HTC Status

      A lot of talk of discontinued products in the tech world lately. This time, AT&T is set to close the door on the HTC Status, or so says a supposed inside source of TechCrunch‘s. That source and others of TechCrunch’s has confirmed that AT&T will be pulling the Status from store shelves due to […]

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    AT&T’s HTC Status Now Available

    If you happen to be in the market for a phone with a Facebook button, AT&T wants you to know that their HTC Status is now available. It’s a portrait QWERTY that has HTC Sense (for messengers) and a 2.8 inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. Inside is an 800MHz scorpion processor, 512MB of RAM and comes with […]

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    HTC Status Checks-In to Best Buy Mobile

    Shipments of the HTC Status have just arrived at Best Buy Mobile stores, though the phone won’t officially go on sale for another two days. We’ve already had it in-hand for a few days and provided our initial impressions, but the verdict is out on whether or not the Status is the new mayor of […]

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    HTC Status Hands-on and Initial Impressions

    This little bugger just walked into my house ready to be turned on and used to no end. It’s the HTC Status, AT&T’s version of the ChaCha and their first “Facebook” phone. Ahead of a full review, I wanted to take a quick look and give you guys my impressions upon using it for a […]

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    AT&T Launching HTC Status July 17 for $49, Presales Begin Today

    The HTC Status was made official for AT&T last month, but we now know exactly when our Facebook walls will be invaded by the phone’s one-touch sharing and integrated social networking features. The Status will land on AT&T July 17th for the low introductory price of $49.99 on a new two-year contract. In addition to […]

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    LG Thrill 4G and HTC Status Could Be Making Their Way Onto AT&T This Month

    It wasn’t too long ago AT&T announced both the LG Thrill 4G and HTC Status as part of their summer Android lineup. Only problem was, no solid release dates were given on either smartphone. Well, the guys over at Android Central managed to snag this internal screenshot showing a possible July release on both the […]

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    AT&T Announces the HTC Status, Complete with Facebook Page

    In preparation for its launch later this summer on AT&T (and TELUS in Canada), HTC has gone live with an official Facebook page for their Facebook-ified phone, the HTC Status. You may known the Status by its other name, the HTC ChaCha, and what you get here is essentially the same phone with its dedicated […]

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    Live Pictures of HTC Status, Facebook Phone for AT&T

    The reincarnation of the HTC ChaCha we’ve heard about isn’t quite official, but you can write it in pen now- AT&T will (most likely) launch the HTC Status Facebook Phone and BGR scooped up live pictures to support the claim: This isn’t a true “Facebook Phone” but anythinge emblazoned with that big blue button must […]