• HTC Speedy
    Last Updated: Dec 15th,2010

    The HTC Speedy is rumored to be Sprint's version of the HTC Desire Z. While it's only a rumor, we have some very preliminary specs. Stick close to Phandroid.com as the story unfolds.

  • News & Updates

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    HTC Knight Actually Called the HTC Speedy, Launching January 6th?

    Just a day removed from the original rumor and before we can even get information on the device itself, the HTC Knight that was uncovered the other day seems to have gotten a name change. BGR‘s been tipped with an internal screenshot of Sprint’s for an accessory for the phone – a blue/black phone cover […]

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    Four New HTC Codenames Revealed?

    Another quarter, another slew of HTC codenames. This time, AndroidGuys has been tipped with four new HTC codenames: the HTC Speedy, HTC Blitz, HTC Mecha, and HTC Spade. I always look forward to these onslaughts: it’s amusing to realize HTC possibly has way too many phones to put a unique name to each and every […]