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HTC One V Reviews

The HTC One V is a handset that delivers great value for its low-cost of S$398 (US$317). While it sports good features like the BSI camera and a refreshing take on an old design, the handset is let down by its single-core 1GHz processor which isn't capable of keeping up.
Phone Arena
You didn't think that after reviewing the HTC One X and HTC One S, we will disregard their little brother – the HTC One V, did you? Well, here it is, folks!
Pocket Now
HTC also has the One V, which incorporates the keystone features of the flagship, but at a much lower price. Is the One V a good value? Read on to find out!
Slash Gear
The HTC One V won’t impress anybody with its spec sheet, but part of HTC’s 2012 strategy is a renewed focus on not just the mid- and high-end of the market, but also the initial point of entry, the affordable smartphone.
Android Community
While we’ve already taken a look at the mid-range and high-end handsets, there’s still One more to look at: the HTC One V. It doesn’t have the horsepower of the other two phones, but it hopes to make up for that in terms of overall experience and affordability.
Android Central
"Yep, it’s an updated version of the venerable HTC Legend, complete with aluminum construction and that famous protruding chin."
"While we wouldn't go as far as to call it a budget phone, it's a familiar package - and a lot friendlier - less powerful, but hopefully not underpowered."