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HTC One V headed to Cricket Wireless

HTC has announced that it would be partnering up with Cricket to offer the regional carrier’s customers the HTC One V, one of the only 2011 phones to come absent with an S4 processor. Instead, the One V houses Qualcomm’s older S3 chip, a solution that is still capable of pumping out a nice Android […]

HTC One V update enables Media Link HD compatibility

A new update is available for HTC One V owners in the UK that will enable support for the HTC Media Link HD, a wireless media streaming box that was launched concurrently with the company’s One Series devices. The 46.77MB update brings the One V’s software version to 2.08.401.2 and enables the ability to stream […]

HTC One V available from assortment of regional carriers in the United States

The HTC One V may not be the most attractive device in HTC’s “One” line-up with its S3 dual-core processor, but it does quite alright for itself. HTC have announced that the One V will be headed to an assortment of regional carriers in the Associated Carrier Group, US Cellular, and Virgin Mobile. The Android […]

HTC One V now available from Virgin Mobile

Rounding out the US launch of the HTC One lineup, the retro-inspired HTC One V has launched over at Virgin Mobile. The Ice Cream Sandwich device shares its Sense 4.0 software with big brothers the HTC One X and HTC One S, but other specs place the phone in a lower tier. It features a […]

HTC Connect gives the mark of approval to compatible A/V equipment, boasts greater connectivity

A lot of smartphones on the market today feature DLNA compatibility, an wireless audio/video streaming standard that is built into a boatload of televisions, video game consoles, and set-top devices. The problem is, different devices don’t always play nice, making it a crapshoot as to whether or not your phone and television can interact seamlessly. […]

HTC One V launching at Telus on June 8

Telus will round out a trio of Canadian carrier stocking the HTC One V starting June 8th. Joining Bell and Koodo, the carrier will sell the stylistic throwback for a mere $30 on a three-year contract. Without a lengthy obligation the phone can be purchased for $290. The One V is the baby of the […]

Koodo launches HTC One V today for $175

The folks at Koodo have launched the HTC One V in Canada. The Snapdragon S3 device that houses a slim version of Sense 4.0 comes with a 3.7 inch display, 5 megapixel 720p HD camera, and more. Best of all, it only costs $175. Most carriers have been selling it around those parts for $225, […]

SaskTel launches HTC One V, free on three-year contract

With phones like the HTC One S and HTC One X already hitting the market, it is easy to overlook the baby of the One family. The HTC One V might not pack the same power but it does include all the same Sense 4 functionality and packages it in a design that harkens back […]

The HTC One V lives! Hands-on part two from CTIA 2012 [video]

If you remember back at Mobile World Congress, HTC had the One V out for all to see… except it was just a prototype. We were allowed to play with the device but there wasn’t much to do but look. We decided to see if the device made any progress, and lo and behold: the […]

HTC announces HTC One V to come to US carriers this summer

Looks like HTC have announced that the One V is coming to America, as well. They’re apparently bringing the device to several US carriers and/or retailers this summer, but going beyond that leaves us with no clue in terms of specifics. The fact that they should be showing it at CTIA shows that they’re confident […]

HTC One V shows up on TELUS’ site, “coming soon” for people in Canada

The HTC One V has been released for Bell today, but we have another option for those who aren’t fans of the carrier. The same device popped up on TELUS’ website with “Coming Soon” written on the top section. It is still unknown what pricing will be like. But as our friends from Mobile Syrup […]

HTC One V now available in Canada through Bell

Our Canadian neighbors are swimming in HTC One goodness! The almighty HTC One X has been available from Rogers for almost two weeks now. Recent leaks also suggest that the HTC One S will be hitting Bell by May 17. But if you are not in the mood for all the bells and whistles, maybe […]

HTC One V will reach Bell Canada on May 3

Following the release of the HTC One X on Rogers last week, a new leak points to the nearing Canadian launch of another member of the One family. The HTC One V, which packs the lightest spec sheet but features one of the more intriguing designs of the group, looks to hit Bell on May […]

HTC One V to begin shipping on April 23rd for UK customers

The HTC One X and One S have been making their rounds around the world. But it seems the HTC One V is taking its sweet time to start hitting the streets (depending on your market). UK residents who have been thinking of purchasing the HTC Legend’s revival will be happy to know that the […]

HTC One V Flexes Its Muscles – Benchmarks and Gaming Performance Put To The Test [Video]

When it comes to the HTC One X, there’s no surprise that the entire tech world is going ape-nuts over it. Arguably the best Android device to date, there’s no question HTC has struck gold on that one. And it’s not just the One X — the One S has been receiving its fair share […]