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How will the iPhone 6 compare in size to the HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Alpha? [VIDEOS]

We know the upcoming iPhone 6 is more than likely going to come equipped with a 4.7-inch display, but how does the overall size stack up against current Android flagships? You may be surprised.

Galaxy S5 takes Ice Bucket challenge and boldly nominates other phones to do the same [VIDEO]

It seems the Ice Bucket challenge that has been designed to raise ALS / Lou Gherig’s disease awareness doesn’t only apply to us waterproof humans — phones are beginning to go sentient and are getting in on the fun themselves. The Samsung Galaxy S5 decided to take the challenge itself.

T-Mobile pushing out Android 4.4.3 for the HTC One M8, bonus GPS update available as well

Android 4.4.3 is now officially rolling out for the HTC One M8 on T-Mobile. The update is a doozy, packing in 583MB worth of goodies. Check the post for details, including a bonus GPS update after updating.

“PHUNK” special edition HTC One M8 revealed

There’s a new special edition of the HTC One M8 making its way out soon. The folks in Taiwan have teamed up with Singaporean art collective PHUNK Studio to etch an interesting design into the back of the device.

HTC Gallery update now lets you share UFocus Duo Effects photos to the web to share with anyone

It’s easy enough to share your HTC One M8′s UFocus photos (taken with the device’s dual cameras) with friends after they’ve been manipulated and exported, but what if you wanted to allow your friends to manipulate the photos themselves? The latest update to the HTC Gallery update lets them do just that.

CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 brings support for Xperia Z2, Z2 Tablet and One M8, tons of new changes

The latest milestone for CyanogenMod 11.0 has been released, and a couple of big devices have been added to the list. The Sony Xperia Z2, Xperia Z2 tablet and HTC One M8 have all graduated from nightly status.

Unlucky Samsung Galaxy S4 user whose phone burned up gets free One M8 from HTC

Too often have we heard stories of users from Samsung’s camp experiencing phones that spontaneously combust or overheat to the point where it looks like someone took a match to it, but one particular case seems to have caught the interest of an HTC product manager who wants to help make things right.

Unlocked HTC One M8 now receiving Android 4.4.3 update, carries same security fixes as 4.4.4

The unlocked HTC One M8 is now receiving Android 4.4.3. While it may not sound as nice as 4.4.4 hitting Motorola devices, keep in mind it carriers the same security fixes found in the latter.

HTC One M8 announced in pink and red for Europe

If you’re not satisfied with the current collection of colors available for the HTC One M8 a couple of new eye-popping options are coming your way. HTC has revealed the red and pink HTC One M8.

Sprint HTC One M8 receives WiFi calling in new software update rolling out now

The Sprint HTC One M8 is now receiving an over-the-air update that — aside from the usual bug fixes — introduces WiFi calling for when network coverage isn’t optimal.

HTC One M8′s Dot View app gets a huge update, introduces custom wallpapers and more

It’s one of our favorite things about the HTC One M8 and today, the Dot View app is getting a nice (and much needed) update on Google Play. The update introduces wallpapers, and other custom settings. Check it out.

Android 4.4.4 starts hitting HTC’s Google Play devices

Owners of the Google Play Edition HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 should be waking up to a new upgrade this morning. Before you get excited — no, it isn’t Android L. It’s the much less exciting Android 4.4.4.

Best Android Phones [July 2014]

As July opens with few new handset releases or announcements, our monthly ranking of the best Android smartphones available begins to settle into its groove. Read on for our full rankings.

Android L coming to HTC One M8 and M7 90 days after it’s released

If you’ve got an HTC One M8 or M7, you can expect Android L to hit your device only 90 days after it’s released. Gotta love that transparency.

HTC Gallery update adds new features for One M8 and Sense 6 devices

HTC has begun pushing out an update to the One M8 for the Gallery. This update allows users to adjust UFocus intensity, which is sure to make M8 owners very happy. UFocus is notoriously strong with the bokeh effect, but now you can adjust it to your liking.