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HTC Merge Reviews

The HTC Merge is a sturdy, respectable midrange Android smartphone that's also got an eye out for intercontinental travelers.
Phone Dog
After months of rumors, it's finally here!  Aaron reviews the HTC Merge, US Cellular's newest Android smartphone.  Specifications include an 800 MHz Snapdragon processor, 3.8-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.2.
Android Central
There's something quite satifying about the HTC Merge on US Cellular. Maybe it's the sleek design. Maybe it's the excellent slider keyboard. Or maybe it's because it's our White Whale.
The Merge may weigh down your pants pocket a bit, but the phone's high-end design, excellent QWERTY keyboard, and good overall performance are compelling.
The HTC Merge is a decent Android smartphone for U.S. Cellular, but its heft and stubborn slider could turn some away.