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US Cellular HTC Merge Customers Receive Gingerbread

Gingerbread is all over the place lately, it seems. US Cellular has delivered the upgrade to owners of the oft-forgotten HTC Merge. Unfortunately it does appear you may need a Windows PC to apply this yourself as it requires HTC Sync, but be sure to call your local US Cellular location to see if they […]

US Cellular’s HTC Merge Officially Coming May 31st for $150

This thing’s heading to even more regional carriers. The HTC Merge – which has had a bumpy ride on its way to store shelves since we first heard of it – is finally headed to US Cellular on May 31st. It’s easy to liken this phone to The T-Mobile G2, except with HTC Sense on […]

HTC Merge for Big Red Finally Launching, But Verizon Isn’t Selling It

The HTC Merge has been one interesting phone. No, not because anything with the hardware or software is unique. But because it has been in the works for the longest and Verizon seemingly wants nothing to do with it. After countless leaks telling of its existence, HTC officially announced the thing but Verizon had no […]

US Cellular Beats Verizon to the Punch – HTC Merge Launching April 29th

I first heard about the HTC Merge last fall when someone leaked some pics of the phone on Verizon’s network. Since then, you can find the Merge on just about every carrier these days. Alltell wireless is taking pre-orders and Cellular South plans to release it soon. Don’t even get me started on Verizon, who […]

HTC Merge Launching on US Cellular April 29th?

HTC promised that the Merge would be headed to “multiple carriers” this Spring, and according to this leak they seem to be telling the truth. US Cellular is said to be the latest carrier to gear up for its launch and it could be happening as early as April 29th. We’ve reached out for comment […]

New Android Lineup Fills Out Verizon Device Manager

As is usual with devices set to launch on Verizon’s network, entries have appeared in their Device Manager for Big Red’s upcoming Android lineup. Nothing startling or all that new is revealed, but the Motorola DROID BIONIC, Samsung DROID Charge, HTC Droid Incredible 2, and Motorola DROID X2 all appear as well as the LG […]

HTC Merge Makes Appearance on Verizon Site, Will it Ever Get a Release?

In some alternate universe the HTC Merge was release on Verizon last year. Every once in a while flashes of that universe appear in our own. For example, see the above screen capture of the Merge on Verizon’s site tucked away in a section about free text alerts. OK, so the alternate universe explanation is […]

Alltel Wants You to Know That They Have Four Decent Android Phones

Alltel’s just issued a press release reminding everyone that their Android line-up isn’t too shabby. Highlights include the HTC Merge and the Motorola Milestone, but there are some other gems alongside those which include the Samsung Gem (yes, I tried to do that – shame on me) and the LG Axis. You should already know […]

More Press Shots of Verizon’s HTC Merge Emerge

I totally did not mean to do that with the title. Anywho, PocketNow has gotten their paws on new official press shots of Verizon’s HTC Merge. It’s not as if we haven’t seen this phone a billion times before, but these seem like crisp and clear shots – earlier press shots weren’t as clear and […]

HTC Merge Gets Its Own VZ Navigator in Android Market, Could Finally Be Nearing Verizon Release

We still aren’t sure if Verizon will ever see the HTC Merge, but the appearance of a VZ Navigator for Merge in the Android Market suggests the time may be nearing. The device has already been officially announced for Alltel and Cellular South, but once again seems lost to Verizon’s lineup of upcoming high-end Android […]

HTC Merge to Cellular South, First Phone to Feature Amazon Appstore Pre-Installed

We knew the HTC Merge was headed for multiple carriers in the US, but other than Alltel (and maybe Verizon at some point), it was unclear exactly where to expect the slide-out QWERTY handset. One more option has been revealed, as Cellular South has announced they will begin carrying the Merge sometime in April, though […]

HTC Merge Pre-Orders Begin at Alltel March 28th, $124.99

Though initial reports placed the phone as launching way back in November of 2010 on Verizon’s network, their subsidiary Alltel looks to be the first to snag the HTC Merge, with a pre-order for the device going live March 28th. The handset is priced at $124.99 after a mail-in rebate and signature on a two-year […]

HTC Merge for Verizon User Manual Hits the FCC

We’ve seen this thing hit the FCC before, but now they’ve updated the HTC Merge’s listing with a user manual for the device. There won’t be many surprises to be found here unless you thought this thing was going to launch with 4G radios. Many believed that to be the case after its initial reported […]

HTC DROID Incredible 2, HTC Merge Show Up in Verizon Inventory

We’ve been expecting Verizon to announce a follow-up to the HTC DROID Incredible for a long while. Most thought that the Thunderbolt would be considered the device’s sequel, but HTC ended up debuting one Incredible S at Mobile World Congress. While that particular device is only officially headed for Europe at the moment, Engadget has […]

Verizon-branded HTC Merge Up For Sale on eBay

After months of being hidden by HTC and after a long-awaited announcement, someone is putting their HTC Merge up for sale on eBay before HTC even has a chance to release it. It’s the Verizon-branded version that we’ve seen strut its stuff in countless pictures and a few videos. The seller – xyellowfrizbee, who has […]