• HTC Legend
    Last Updated: Nov 16th,2010

    The HTC Hero packed a powerful punch itself, but now the manufacturer has upped the ante in specs, design and model name with that device's successor - the HTC Legend.

    The Legend takes design queues from the HTC Hero with its curved chin, but in this go-round, it comes with a sleek and sturdy unibody frame topped with a brushed metallic finish. With the HTC Legend you'll definitely be travelling in style.

    With a 3.2-inch screen, 5MP camera with auto-focus and flash, 3.5mm headset jack, optical trackpad, FM radio and a host of other features, the HTC Legend definitely stands its ground.

    With HTC's custom Sense interace, you get a little extra bang for your buck. We're talking sexy graphics, useful and beautiful widgets, and handy extras like your ringer being silenced when your phone is placed face down or your ringer volume decreasing when you physically pick up your phone.

    The HTC Legend is yet another shining star in the manufacter's lineup of Android phones and if your local carrier offers the Legend - it's definitely a viable purchase option.

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    HTCDev Unlocks The Bootloaders For A Couple Of Oldies But Goodies – Hero, Legend, Eris, Mytouch 3G & 4G Make The Cut

    A few Android senior citizens have found themselves wander onto HTCDev’s list of officially supported devices. The HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, MyTouch 3G and MyTouch 4G are the oldest, er– newest devices ripe for the unlocking using HTC’s handy dandy bootloader unlocking tool. Nice to see HTC throw a couple of oldies in there […]

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    HTC Legend Getting Android 2.2 Today

    We just wondered whether or not yesterday’s maintenance upgrades for the HTC Legend and Wildfire were actually Pre-Froyo upgrades. It looks like that may just be the case. At least for the HTC Legend in Europe, HTC UK has confirmed that users will begin seeing the over the air update starting today – December 9th […]

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    HTC Legend and Wildfire Get Maintenance Upgrades

    HTC’s released a pair of minor (and uninspiring) maintenance upgrades for their Legend and Wildfire. There’s no changelog to be had, but we’re hearing that the downloads aren’t really that big, and nothing noticeable has changed. Many are wondering if they are precursors for a forthcoming Froyo update, but there’s really no way to tell. […]

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    HTC Legend Getting Android 2.2 “in the Coming Weeks”

    HTC’s keeping their promise of delivering Froyo to all of their phones launched in 2010 as they’ve just confirmed – via Facebook – that the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC Legend is going well and should be ready for consumption in the coming weeks. Those with the OEM-branded Legend will get it first, […]

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    HTC Legend Gets a New “Phantom Black” Paint Job

    Getting bored with the silver HTC Legend? One way to get a bit more excitement in your life would be to invest in a newer, more robust handset altogether, but if you are endeared the charm of one of the elder statesmen among HTC’s lineup of Android phones perhaps this new color scheme will satisfy […]

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    Bell’s HTC Legend Already Hitting End of Life Due to Supply Constraints

    Oh, AMOLED, how you are single-handedly able to kill a product off because you can’t be produced fast enough truly amazes me. This time, the AMOLED-equipped HTC Legend for Bell in Canada is getting the axe due to “supply constraints”. While they didn’t offer up any details on what components are causing the constraints, we’d […]

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    Desire, Legend, and Wildfire by HTC to Get Froyo Sometime in Q3

    HTC’s gone on record to officially acknowledge that the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, and HTC Wildfire will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.2 sometime in Q3 of this year. Essentially, you could be surprised and see it released in two days, because that’s when Q3 starts. Realistically, it will probably be a few weeks […]

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    HTC Delivering Froyo to the HTC Desire and Legend Within the Next Two Weeks?

    We knew Google was drumming up to a grand final release of Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo) soon, but we only expected the update to rollout for Nexus One devices initially (or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that we’re most confident that the Nexus One will get it first). It seems HTC might be gearing […]

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    HTC Legend Being Sold for North America

    Looks like options just continue to open up here in the states. If the USA-bound HTC Desire is too much phone for you, then you may want to opt for one of its smaller cousins – the HTC Legend – which is now being sold with AT&T’s 3G bands here in North America. This is […]

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    HTC Legend Launched on Bell

    A few days ago, we anticipated that the HTC Legend would be headed to Bell very soon (on its rumored June 16th date) thanks to a Best Buy Canada Mobile listing of the phone. The date turned out to be true, as we expected: the HTC Legend is now available for Bell customers as of […]