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HTC Lancaster Overview

The HTC Lancaster is rumored to be the first ever Android Phone for AT&T. The HTC Lancaster combines the best of both worlds - the functionality of the HTC Dream hardware keyboard coupled with the sleek and sexy design of the HTC Magic make the HTC Lancaster one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year.

The HTC Lancaster is poised to launch with a full touchscreen, 5 hardware keys, a directional pad, and a slideout Full QWERTY keyboard. The screen is slightly smaller than it's Android brethren at 2.8" and 240 by 320 pixel resolution. Powered by a 1,350 mAh battery, you should always have plenty of juice.

The multimedia features of the HTC Lancaster seem pretty standard. The camera weighs in at 3MP fixed focus with digital zoom. While video playback is supported there is no mention (at the moment) of video capture (camcorder). Your audio needs should be met with MP3 support, expandable memory and both Bluetooth and USB 2.0.

When Android first launched, enthusiasts were clamoring for HTC to slap Android on the highly heralded HTC Touch Pro - this is the closest thing to it, and arguably much slicker. Launching on AT&T, the phone is sure to be a huge hit - while big blue does indeed have the iPhone, the Android loving masses have spoken and AT&T has answered. The HTC Lancaster is an AT&T Android worth having.

Launch date for the HTC Lancaster is lightly rumored for August 3rd. Internal AT&T documents put the launch date into question as they appear to be customizing the UI from standard Android version to custom AT&T build.

We'll upgrade this HTC Lancaster guide as more information is revealed!