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HTC Inspire 4G Reviews

Though dual-core phones are on the way, the HTC Inspire 4G stands as one of AT&T's best, high-end Android devices and is an incredible value.
Phone Dog
The only downside is the battery - at 1,230 mAh, it's not big enough to power a high-end Android device through a day of moderate use.  Is it worth considering?
The HTC Inspire 4G smartphone comes with a giant 4.3" touch screen, Android 2.2 and an 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording. Chris Hardwick and Candace Bailey find out how inspiring this smartphone can truly be, especially with its $60 price tag with a contract.
Android Central
The HTC Inspire 4G is AT&T's first foray into 4G data, and the carrier picked a very nice package for the debut.  The Inspire is beautifully constructed with high-grade materials, and it shows the world that the Captivate wasn't just a fluke.
Android Police
Unfortunately, it was a love that started to splinter as the days went on, and the more I used it, the more I noticed just how unfinished some parts of this phone can feel.
Android Community
One of the most gigantic phones we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to hold with one hand, this is the HTC Inspire 4G. This phone is available through AT&T and will soon be running on its full HSPA+ network.
Pocket Now
AT&T subscribers have been patiently waiting for a 4.3-inch Android phone, and it's finally here with the Inspire 4G.
Phone Arena
Rather than encompassing users with desirable feelings, instead, the HTC Inspire 4G aims to win people over with its straight out of the gate value.
The HTC Inspire 4G is a big, powerful and affordably priced Android cell phone for AT&T, and it can stand up well against Apple's iPhone.
Tech Radar
HTC are masters of cooking up a variety of subtly different smartphone designs, serving them up hot, fresh and customized to each carrier. One of the more affordable of these is the HTC Inspire 4G.
The HTC Inspire 4G is a high-end Android smartphone that is priced like a discount phone. Learn why it’s such a bargain and the pros and cons of this highly-anticipated device.