HTC Inspire 4G

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HTC Inspire 4G Overview

The HTC Inspire 4G was released as the first phone to run on AT&T's 4G HSPA+ network. The device features a large, 4.3-inch display, 8MP camera capable of 720p HD video capture, and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The name of the game here is performance, and HTC has done it again with a phone that looks as good as it performs. 

The phone is a veritable media powerhouse, with Dolby + SRS Surround with noise cancellation and DLNA support for streaming contect to a big screen TV. 4G data speeds come in handy for steaming video and audio with little effort. The HTC Inspire 4G also features HTC Sense for complete integration of your contacts, messages, and social networks into the Android interface.