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HTC Mecha to the Incredible HD, now Thunderbolt?

This device really seems to be getting around, we first caught a semi glimpse of it five days ago in some half shots. But it may finally be settling on a name, the HTC Thunderbolt. Or at least that’s how HTC is trying to advertise it. Android Central has a few readers with quick eyes […]

Encrypted Tweets are UnDecryptable

Droid Life just had a one-on-one with a Verizon LTE engineer who goes by black_man_x. Mr. X had a tweet that I’m still running through my decyphertron 4(G)000, and if it cracks the code I’ll get back to you. If you want to take a whack at it: Just saw something so incredible that it […]

HTC Incredible “HD” Launching November 23rd? [RUMOR]

Take this one lightly, guys, but new rumors suggest that a phone by the name of the HTC Incredible HD – what we suppose could be the 4.3-inch HTC device headed for Verizon – will be coming to Big Red on November 23rd. That’s just two days ahead of America’s biggest shopping day, if you […]