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HTC Gratia Reviews

Bright Hub
"The HTC Gratia is a decent phone for those on a budget. However, there are many other better options now, both in the high end segment and in the budget segment, so I wouldn't be too keen on getting the HTC Gratia."
"HTC stands as always for quality phones, and we really missed a mid-range phone from their side in Europe compared to HTC Legend which unfortunately was more expensive than it should have been. For those who have missed such a phone, so it seems that Christmas has come a little earlier this year."
Right Mobile Phone
"the HTC Gratia proves itself to be a more than capable smartphone, and would make an ideal first smartphone for someone looking to make a move from another platform to Android. The Sense UI is a great introduction into how easy a modern mobile can be to use, even when there are so many options available to choose from."