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HTC Gratia Comes To UK In February, Courtesy Brightstar

Many Europeans have been enjoying the HTC Gratia since November 2010 and the manufacturer announced their Euro-Only version of the HTC Aria back in October. For some reason the UK was missing out, but today the company shared that they’ll offer a white version of the HTC Gratia in the UK exclusively through Brightstar. Looks […]

HTC Gratia Delayed to Unconfirmed Release Date [Update]

[UPDATE]: It looks like the entirety of this story may be slightly untrue. While many European regions still haven’t seen the Gratia, judging by the comments below (and some quick Googling) it is indeed available in at least Italy and Sweden. Looks liked HTC remained fairly quiet about it. The HTC Gratia was supposed to […]

HTC Announces the HTC Gratia — An Android 2.2 Aria for Europe

What do you get when you take an HTC Aria, slap on Android 2.2 and some new color schemes and announce it by a different name? The HTC Gratia, a familiar face to join the smorgasbord of handsets from the Taiwanese manufacturer headed to Europe. The Gratia rounds out a lineup of phones that includes […]