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HTC First launch in Europe delayed indefinitely

The HTC First hasn’t had the dreamiest of starts here in the United States, and now it looks like the launch of the Facebook phone is being threatened in Europe. Several carriers have decided to delay the launch indefinitely.

Will AT&T discontinue the HTC First?

AT&T and HTC decided to try and have another Facebook baby, but the former is ready to hit the abort button after reportedly disappointing sales. Will AT&T ship a pile of HTC First devices back to Taiwan soon?

HTC First drops to $.99 — would you buy it for that much?

The HTC First isn’t a bad phone, but it was never the best priced phone for its feature-set. AT&T has a new price tag, though, and it may be worth checking this one out again if you’re a Facebook fanatic.

Facebook Home downloads reach 500k in five days — does Facebook need to worry?

Facebook Home has reached 500,000 downloads in five days, but that isn’t enough to be considered a megahit by Facebook’s standards.

HTC First Review [VIDEO]

After years of rumors, talk of the “Facebook Phone” has finally paid off in the form of Facebook Home and the first device to run the social network’s Android launcher, the HTC First. An AT&T exclusive, the First combines the expected build quality of HTC with a simple user experience designed to put interactions with […]

Facebook Home now available — what are your early thoughts? [POLL]

It’s Friday, folks, and Facebook has finally released Facebook Home in the Google Play Store. As its name implies, Facebook Home strives to become your next home-screen replacement, giving you all things Facebook as soon as you press that power button on your phone. It’s quite the interesting experience, one we’ve already gotten to play […]

HTC First now available from AT&T

Say hello to your new Facebook Home. The first phone to ship with the social network’s custom Android launcher is now available for purchase as an AT&T exclusive. The HTC First is priced at $99 and available in four color, including black, red, white, and pale blue. For the price you get a handset powered […]

Unboxing the HTC First [VIDEO]

First! Someone had to say it. And while those looking to jump on the HTC train to their new Facebook Home can leave the station tomorrow, we had a chance to get an early look at the handset and its retail packaging. The HTC First, which will be available for $99 at AT&T, doesn’t come […]

The HTC First is the first HTC phone to run a stock version of Android since the G2, but nobody noticed

Seems like everybody was too busy philosophizing over Peter Chou and Mark Zuckerberg’s new “Facebook Phone” — er, HTC First — that most overlooked something much more epic with the phone: the HTC First will not only be the world’s first Android device tailored to run Facebook Home, but it’s also the first HTC device […]

Hands-on: Facebook Home on the HTC First [VIDEO]

Well that was a doozy. Mark Zuckerberg and crew just dropped one of the most innovative takes on Android we have seen to date. At first glance, the team has gone above and beyond Zuck’s call to improve the Facebook experience for Android users. They have done so by making Facebook the central aspect of […]

Facebook Home summarized in 300 words and 16 pictures

Facebook held a huge Android event today, announcing Facebook Home and the HTC First. Allow us to provide you the quick summary with everything you need to know. Lots of people use the Facebook App. Until now, phones have focused on “apps.” Facebook wants to focus on people first, with Apps becoming secondary. But they’re […]

Facebook Home initially available for Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, Galaxy S4, HTC One, One X, and One X+

Those anxious to get their hands on Facebook Home are probably wondering if it will work with their current device. Well, we have the official list of supported handsets, and lengthy it is not. If you have a marquee phone from Samsung or HTC you are most likely covered, but those with lower-tier devices or […]

Official: HTC First announced as debut Facebook Home handset, launches April 12th

Facebook Home wasn’t the only thing Mark Zuckerberg had up his hoodie sleeves today. HTC CEO Peter Chou was also on hand to unveil the debut piece of hardware to run Facebook’s new “people-first” mobile experience. Say hello to the HTC First. The First is optimized for Facebook Home and will launch on AT&T’s LTE […]

We’re live from Facebook’s Android Home event!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived. Phandroid is on site at Facebook’s “New Home on Android” event where it is anticipated we will see the unveiling of the social network’s new smartphone UI and its accompanying flagship device. Remember, you can watch the livestream live starting at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT or follow along with Phandroid. […]

Watch the Facebook Home event livestream here at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT

Itching to see what Facebook has to show us as they unveil their new “Home” on Android? We are too, and you can be right there with us as the big announcements are made thanks to a livestream of the event being provided by the social network. We expect to see Facebook’s new homescreen experience […]