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HTC EVO View 4G Reviews

"The HTC Evo View 4G puts a new spin on the 7-inch Android tablet, but its high price and smartphone-style OS are a tough sell next to its bigger, cheaper Honeycomb kin."
"And, at the risk of spoiling our review, the View's connection is, indeed, zippy. But does this have any bearing on the tablet's overall value?"
The Verge
"Sprint takes HTC's new 7-inch tablet with a stylus and adds WiMax (and a two-year contract), but does that make the tablet better or worse?"
"As an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) tablet, the View 4G is a bit less versatile than Honeycomb products from Asus, LG, Motorola, and Samsung, but it does offer HTC’s custom Sense user interface catered to tablets, and support for HTC Scribe stylus input."
"Wanna Buy a Giant Phone That Doesn’t Make Calls?"
Android Guys
"I am a little torn when it comes to this device.  Being an owner of a Samsung 10.1 Tab, I thought that I had the ultimate in Android tablet computing, until I started playing with the View."
Into Mobile
"The EVO View 4G is HTC’s Flyer variant for Sprint that is a portable powerhouse, but many are wondering why they should choose this 7-incher over the likes of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or other devices that are more powerful for the same price."
"The HTC EVO View 4G for Sprint adds a fast 4G connection to the HTC Flyer, an already capable tablet with excellent pen input options."
Laptop Mag
"HTC's Sense software and the ability to take notes with a pen make the EVO View 4G a unique Android tablet, but it feels like a work in progress."
"The Sprint EVO View 4G tablet will be coming to Sprint on June 24, and will sell for $399 with a new two-year data contract with the carrier."
Phone Arena
"To some extent they have countered with their own excellent Sense interface, and with the release of the EVO View 4G on Sprint they have added 4G data to the model, but will that be enough to compete against the Galaxy Tabs and Transformers of today?"