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Android Porn: The biggest pervs have the biggest phones [NSFW]

Bigger is always better when it comes to porn, or at least that’s what the results of MiKandi’s 2011 year-end review are suggesting. Android’s biggest third-party ¬†market for adults-only apps broke down the most popular phones for using porn apps and the results all trend towards device’s with larger display sizes. So who are the […]

HTC EVO View 4G joins EVO 4G on Sprint ‘End of Life’ list

Sprint has updated their “Expected Upcoming EOL” list to include two members of the EVO family. These end-of-life lists are subject to change (as stated in the above image) and definitely do. This is at least the third time the HTC EVO 4G has appeared on the list, and until the phone is pulled from […]

More Sprint Devices Receive Security Updates – HTC Evo and Design 4G Added To The Mix

The HTC EVO 3D has already received it’s “security update” removing that nasty Carrier IQ spyware from devices and staying true to their word, Sprint has already begun issuing updates for the rest of their Android lineup. The HTC EVO 4G and HTC EVO Design 4G are next in line to receive their over-the-air updates […]

Sprint Issues Updates to all HTC Handsets, Addresses Leaky Personal Data

We reported earlier on a couple of updates headed to HTC devices on Sprint’s network, but as it turns out all handsets from the Taiwanese manufacturer are inline for an over-the-air patch. The new software tweak addresses privacy concerns raised when a security hole was uncovered earlier this month. HTC promised a quick fix, and […]

Keep Your Soon-to-be-EOL HTC EVO 4G Alive With These Custom ROMs and Kernels [Forum Talk]

So the EVO 4G is obviously heading toward its end-of-life, what with its dual-core 3D-touting younger brother coming into the fold and all. While future updates from Sprint may soon slow to a crawl, you can always count on the root community to deliver exciting new goods for you to flash (that’s if you’re rooted, […]

PSA:EVO 4G Maintenance Upgrade Rolling Out

Earlier this week it was reported that the HTC EVO 3D would be getting a maintenance update. It was scheduled to begin OTA on August 29th, but Sprint mentioned users should allow 1-2 weeks for it to get ti everyone. If you haven’t already, go ahead and check for it to see if you can […]

HTC EVO 4G Receiving Maintenance Update

Just because the HTC EVO 3D has become Sprint’s new poster child for top-of-the-line Android doesn’t mean there is any lack of love for last year’s EVO 4G. A new update is slated to roll out over the next couple of weeks bringing a few minor enhancements and plenty of bug fixes to the world’s […]

HTC Evo 4G Was the Best Selling Android Phone in Q2

According to NPD Group, the best selling smartphones from April through June (Q2), all happened to be devices that launched last year and not this year. So, even though we saw some great devices like the Motorola Atrix, HTC Thunderbolt and LG G2X — none of these managed take the top spot from last year’s […]

HTC Kernel Source Galore Today (Both EVOs, Incredible 2, Sensation 4G, and Facebook Phones)

Looks like that huge campaign against HTC regarding unreleased kernel source worked – a lot of goods just popped up on their developer site today. We have the EVO 3D, HTC Sensation 4G, the HTC EVO 4G’s Gingerbread update and the DROID Incredible 2’s Gingerbread update. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa have also received some […]

Sprint’s Most Popular Androids of Last Year Soon to Hit End of Life

New evidence has surfaced telling of impending “end of life” statuses for several of Sprint’s devices. Some are Android, some aren’t. Highlights include the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint’s original “superphone” following their moderately successful debut Android, the HTC Hero. Also on the list is the Samsung EPIC 4G, the only Galaxy S phone with a […]

EVO 4G Said to Get Maintenance Update June 20th; Fixes Netflix, Voicemail Notification Issues

Getting tired of that damned voicemail icon showing up when you know full well that you don’t have one? And has Netflix been bugging you after the upgrade to Android 2.3? Get ready for an OTA update because Sprint and HTC are fixin’ to, well, fix that. June 20th is the supposed landing date for […]

Netflix Not Playing Nice with Gingerbread on the EVO 4G, Fix in the Works

Netflix has been slowly making its way to more and more Android handsets, but the recent update to Gingerbread for the HTC EVO 4G knocked the Sprint handset from the list of supported devices. You may have noticed the problem if you had been using Netflix prior to the upgrade to Android 2.3, and if […]

EVO 4G’s Gingerbread Update Going Out Right Now

Those of you who were trying to pull this thing down since 12am can now rest easy knowing that the upgrade to Android 2.3 for the HTC EVO 4G is now available. Reports from and a ton of emails in our inbox say as much, anyway. The upgrade is nearly 110MB in size and […]

HTC EVO 4G Officially Getting Gingerbread Beginning Tomorrow

That was just a tad bit sooner than we expected, but who’s complaining? The folks at Sprint have just informed everyone that the HTC EVO 4G will be getting its official Gingerbread upgrade tomorrow, June 3rd. The update won’t be pushed to your phone at this time – you’ll have to ping Google’s servers for […]

HTC Hasn’t Forgotten About the Evo 4G – Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Scheduled

HTC is coming in hot (not sure what that means) with the long awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the HTC EVO 4G. Ironically, even before Gingerbread updates have rolled out for non-Sense devices like the G2, HTC and Sprint are proving they’re doing this Android thing right with their speedy launch of the next […]