• HTC Era 42
    Last Updated: Jul 25th,2012

    The HTC One X may be one of the best devices of 2012, but its limited availability makes it hard to reach a wide audience. AT&T and Sprint have their own versions of the device, and  Verizon seems to have opted out of it. This leaves us with one carrier left, T-Mobile. 

    The latest rumors state that the HTC Era 42 may, in fact, be Magenta's version of the HTC One X. More specifically, it would be called the HTC One X+, and would come with a 720p screen and HSPA+42 compatibility. In terms of processing power, this bad boy could carry a 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 processor or a quad-core Snapdragon S4. Either one would be a win. 

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    HTC Era 42 rumors could point to One X+ for T-Mobile

    The rumored HTC Era 42 seemed like the perfect candidate to fall in line as the next member of T-Mobile’s G series of phones, but new evidence suggests the device will not be the successor of the G1 and G2, after all. The folks at TMoNews have been able to link the Era 42 to another […]