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HTC Dream Reviews

"there are a lot of things we like about the Dream and there are some things that we dislike. Maybe we’re way too picky, but we still really like the HTC Dream; it’s just not the greatest. Bottom line: take it for a spin before you buy it. 50% of you will love it and 50% of you won’t, but there is no doubt you will at least enjoy the experience."
"We came to our conclusion from the moment we started to test the Dream and little has changed as we continued: Android is awesome, but the handset needs work. Parts of the Dream are superb: the touchscreen, the QWERTY keyboard, the phone's performance in regards to menu navigation and applications. But, the shocking battery life and frequent disturbances during calls, plus the phone's daggy appearance, make the Dream a phone for early adopters only. 2009 will be a year full of sexy Android phones, so it might be best to wait for the next generation."
"he Dream has probably stirred up as much anticipation and hype as the Apple iPhone — not only because it's the first smartphone to run Google's mobile platform, but also because of its potential to overtake Apple's product."
Smartphone Nation
"Overall, I think the phone is great. It as a lot of potential with the open source OS and I can see Android growing a lot larger. It is laggy at some points and it does tend to freeze a lot more then the iPhone but not nearly as bad as a Windows Mobile. The phone is a tad bulky in my opinion and it does seem cheap because it is completely made of plastic but there is some weight which makes it seem very solid. I was disappointed to see that Rogers has stripped down the Android OS from the original T-Mobile G1 but I wasn’t expecting too much considering this is the first-generation Android phone. Like it or not, its definitely a phone that you’d have to play with to know what its like but I suggest not to give up your brand new smartphone that you just purchased for this. That being said, I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5."
Mobile Fone Reviews
"To summarise the HTC Dream is one tasty piece of equipment with the power of search taken new heights. The full QWERTY keyboard and large 3.2 inch touch-sensitive screen are both brilliant assets to this sleek and stylish looking mobile phone. Its user can enjoy high spec technologies and features and functions all at the touch of a finger. Bring on the HTC Dream!"
Cellphones Talk
"HTC Dream is the first Android powered phone to the market, comes to excite you with its exciting features. You can expect the phone to have an exceptional list of features and specs to illustrate the power of Android, Google’s new open source mobile operating system. HTC Dream is the first phone in which open source operating system has been applied successfully. However, HTC Dream is a legendary phone. Let’s discover its exceptional features."
Cellphone Web
"Some will ask flat-out, is Android better than iPhone? Some will yell at us for brining up that question (yes, we read your comments… all of them). The answer is two-fold. As a not-yet-released phone, the T-Mobile G1 and Android do not have the polish that Apple has been able to build with a two year lead time. But, that said, the T-Mobile G1 has the promise to beat the iPhone down the road."